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Upon completion of your order, the appropriate scans will be transmitted to you on-line. The scans are in PDF format: if you do not already have a PDF viewer installed on your system, you can download the free Acrobat PDF Reader from www.adobe.com. Your scans will be held on our site for, so that, in case of mishap, you may log in and view them again. Beyond that. assistance is available for you at help@theoriginalrecord.com.

Where there are multiple entries relating to the surname of search within a single record, we normally provide all those instances that we have found (up to a maximum of 10 scans per record). However, we cannot guarantee that we have found every instance of a surname for a particular record. Similarly, because scans of a particular record appear on this site, it cannot be assumed that it has been indexed in its entirety, or that the index has no imperfections. In any case where information provided by us might lead the user to any material conclusions or further research, we cannot in any circumstance accept any responsibility for any consequential loss or expense sustained by the user or any other party arising from any act of omission or commission on our part in the indexing and provision of these scans. Our liability is limited to the replacement of or refund for any single scan or set of scans that may prove not to contain an entry relating to the surname of search or contrary to the description given on the site.

Where any previous copyright survives in any of these texts, that is duly acknowledged, and these scans are provided merely as extracts of small portions of the text for use in research, in accordance with national and international copyright conventions. In the case of unpublished documents held in private or public archives, an appropriate copyright declaration is transmitted with the appropriate scans,

The scans on this site are provided as a research tool for genealogy hobbyists. The source material has suffered many of the vicissitudes of age: many pages are stained, creased, torn, blotted, blotched, frayed and/or decayed. Both handwritten and printed sources may be difficult to use. Our provision of these scans does not imply any obligation to provide readable, comprehensible or perfect text, beyond the fact that the surname of search appears within a scan or set of scans provided.

Some entries may be in other languages than English. Text in whatever language may contain abbreviations or symbols the meaning of which may no longer be obvious.

Some opinions, expressions of attitudes of mind, and statements made in the texts may be construed nowadays as objectionable for any of a variety of political, social or religious reasons. Publication of these texts does not imply any endorsement of these sentiments: the scans are provided purely as a historical record. Any person with sensibility to offence in using historical materials should not use this site.

Whether or not the records on this site originally had any legal significance in the context of their times, nothing from these scans should be relied upon as evidence in any court case, judicial claim or proceedings.

All use of this site is subject to acceptance of the above provisos.

The National Archives

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