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Rochforth Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'rochforth'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 2 records (displaying 1 to 2): 

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West Riding Freeholders, Electors and Inhabitants (1835)
The Leeds Times for 29 August 1835 (iii 130 1) carried this advertisement, entitled West Riding Meeting: Municipal Reform: 'WE, the undersigned FREEHOLDERS, ELECTORS, and INHABITANTS of the WEST-RIDING of the County of YORK, request our Fellow-Electors and Inhabitants to meet us, at the CORN MARKET, in WAKEFIELD, on MONDAY, the THIRTY-FIRST of AUGUST INST., At Eleven o’Clock in the Forenoon, to express the Opinions of the Riding on the Measure of CORPORATION REFORM proposed by his Majesty’s Ministers, passed by the House of Commons, and subsequently mangled and transformed by the House of Lords; and to consider of the Propriety of addressing his Majesty and his Majesty’s Ministers, and of Petitioning the House of Commons on this important Measure.' There then follow the names, occupations and addresses of nearly 2000 signatories.

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West Riding Freeholders, Electors and Inhabitants
Electors for Hunslet (1848)
On 14 and 15 December 1848 an election took place for a Knight of the Shire for the West Riding of Yorkshire in the House of Commons. The candidates were Edmund Denison and sir Culling Eardley Eardley, gaining 14,743 and 11,795 votes respectively. The county franchise at this period included freeholders of land worth 40s or more a year; £10 copyholders and long-leaseholders; and £50 short-leaseholders and tenants. This poll book was published in 1849. Former poll books had been compiled from the sheriff's returns; but as these were now transmitted to the Home Office immediately after an election, in this instance the polling was marked from the check-clerk's returns, carefully compared with the registers marked in the poll booths at the time of voting. The votes for the respective candidates are indicated by the numerals 1 (Denison) and 2 (Eardley). The omission of these numerals indicates that the elector did not vote. Many names which appear on the register of particular townships are completely omitted in this poll book: in all these cases, the same name will be found recorded in some other township, the elector having two or more qualifications. In such cases, his name only appears in the poll book in the actual township for which he chose to vote; or, if he did not vote at all, in that township for which he was qualified that lay closest to his actual residence. The townships are arranged alphabetically within polling district; and within each township the names are arranged alphabetically by surname and christian name, and the elector's residence is given. Many of the electors resided outside the township for which they were qualified - some in other counties. Moreover, at the end of each polling district there is a list of persons registered to poll in that district, from townships is other districts.

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Electors for Hunslet

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