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Grenion Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'grenion'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 4 records (displaying 1 to 4): 

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House of Lords Proceedings (1704-1706)
Private bills dealing with divorce, disputed and entailed estates: petitions, reports and commissions: naturalisation proceedings. This abstract of the archives from the beginning of the third Session of the first Parliament of queen Anne, 24 October 1704, to the end of the first Session of her second Parliament, 19 March 1706, was prepared by Cuthbert Headlam and J. B. Hotham and printed in 1912 in continuation of the volumes issued under the authority of the Historical Manuscripts Commission.

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House of Lords Proceedings
White Poor in Antigua (1821-1826)
The vestries of the parishes of Antigua raised a tax every year, under an Act of the island, for the maintenance of ministers and the poor; there were no poor rates. A tax was also assessed on merchandizes imported and sold within the island, the property of non-resident traders, in relief of the burdens of the parishes. The maintenance of the poor was weekly distributed to them; there were no free coloured or black paupers provided for by the parishes. The free coloured or free black were not taxed for the support of the poor; slaves were supported by their owners. This return of the white poor supported by the parishes was made to the Colonial Department: it gives full name, age, residence, and amounts disbursed, year by year.

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White Poor in Antigua
Antigua Slave Owners (1826)
The returns of slaves taken and sold in execution for debts or taxes in Antigua give: date of seizure; date of sale; name of owner; sex of slave; age of slave (usually blank); their relation to each other; the lots in which sold (usually blank); the price at which sold; and the name of the purchaser.

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Antigua Slave Owners
British Guiana Slave Owners (1838)
Slavery was abolished throughout the British Empire by act of Parliament in 1833. This list, published in 1838, gives details of compensation paid to owners who had suffered by the emancipation of their slaves after abolition. The table gives the date of the award, the number of the claim, the full name of the party to whom payment was awarded, the number of slaves, and the sum paid. Some masters had owned more than 100 slaves; most of the claimants had only a few. The cost of the loss of a single slave was generally assessed here at as much as 63. There were 2668 claims from British Guiana, including some that were abandoned, disallowed, or still unsettled because of litigation.

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British Guiana Slave Owners (1838)

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