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Geesin Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'geesin'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 6 records (displaying 1 to 6): 

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Traders and professionals in London (1805)
Holden's Triennial Directory for 1805 to 1807 includes this 'London Alphabet of Businesses, Professions, &c.': coverage is good; about 30,000 individuals are recorded.

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Traders and professionals in London
Dissolutions of Partnerships (1829)
Trade partnerships dissolved, or the removal of one partner from a partnership of several traders

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Dissolutions of Partnerships
Voters in the Parish of St James, Westminster (1837)
A poll was taken 26 July 1837 for the election of two members to represent the City of Westminster in Parliament. The candidates were Lieut.-Col. de Lacey Evans, John Temple Leader, and Gen. the Right Hon. sir George Murray, K. G. C. This poll book lists the electors with full name (surname first) and address (in italics), dashes indicating for whom they cast their votes. The names are listed alphabetically by first letter of surname, arranged in the eight parishes of Westminster, plus the extra-parochial Precincts of the Savoy.

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Voters in the Parish of St James, Westminster
Churchmen and church officers in England and Wales (1841)
The Royal Kalendar has an extensive ecclesiastical section, giving the names of officials at the College of Doctors of (church) Law, the Ecclesiastical Courts, and the ecclesiastical law proctors; deans, chancellors, archdeacons, canons and prebendaries for all the dioceses of England and Wales; the officers and fellows (being all the parish priests within and without the walls of London) of Sion College; and the incumbents of the parishes within ten miles of London (annotated to show whether rectors, vicars or curates, and with the net annual revenue of each cure); the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England; the Committee of Council on Education; and then the officers of the various religious societies (Queen Anne's Bounty Office, and First-Fruits and Tenths Offices; Commissioners for Building Additional Churches; Society for Promoting the Building of Churches and Chapels; Anniversary Festival of the Sons of the Clergy; Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; Dissenters' Library; Society for Maintaining and Educating Poor Orphans of Clergymen of the Established Church; Society for Promoting Religious Knowledge; Patrons of the Anniversary of the Charity Schools; Naval and Military Bible Society; Society for the Support and Encouragement of Sunday Schools throughout the British Dominions; Society for Extending the Christian Faith in the British West India Islands; London Missionary Society; Religious Tract Society; Society for the Suppression of Vice; British and Foreign Bible Society; Church Missionary Society; Prayer Book and Homily Society; Dr Bray's Institution; London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews; National Society for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church; Church Pastoral Aid Society; European Missionary Society; British Society for Promoting the Religious Principles of the Reformation; and the Protestant Association).

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Churchmen and church officers in England and Wales
Gentry in London (1856)
The Post Office London Directory for 1856 includes this 'Court Directory', listing alphabetically by surname and christian name the upper class residents of the capital with their postal addresses. 'In order to afford space for the addresses, the abbreviation "esq." for esquire has no longer been appended to each name in the Court Directory. It should be understood that such should be added to the name of every gentleman in the following pages to which no inconsistent addition is affixed.' Decorations, honours &c. are generally given. Some gentlemen appear who are also listed (as professional men, &c.) in the commercial section. Those with second residences in the provinces usually have the country address given as well.

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Gentry in London
Royal Naval Reserve Officers (1957)
The Navy List for 1957, corrected to 18 January 1957, includes this alphabetical catalogue of 'Officers on the Active List of the Royal Naval Reserve and other Naval Reserves, including Honorary Officers and Retired Officers Serving'. The first column gives surname and initials, with name of ship in square brackets, and in round brackets if in the Royal Australian Naval Reserve (RAN), Royal Canadian Naval Reserve (RCN), Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve (RNZN) or Pakistan Naval Reserve (PN). The second column is rank, with a profusion of abbreviations, most of which are self-evident, often qualified by a specialisation, in brackets. The third column is date of seniority.

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Royal Naval Reserve Officers

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