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Fivey Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'fivey'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 7 records (displaying 1 to 7): 

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London Merchants (1767)
The Universal Pocket Companion of 1767 contained, among 'many other necessary and entertaining particulars' this directory of London merchants.

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London Merchants
Irish Clergy and Gentlemen Discountenancing Vice (1822)
The Association Incorporated for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Knowledge and Practice of the Christian Religion had an extensive membership in Ireland, of which this list was published as the 13th appendix to a Sermon preached before the members and their president, the Lord Lieutenant, in St Peter's church by Charles R. Elrington, D. D., his chaplain. The list gives each member's full name, surname first, with the year of admission to the society. This index also covers the fourteenth appendix, listing the members' subscriptions received in 1821, but some for previous years' arrears as far back as 1817, and whether paid in diocesan committees or in Dublin. Most of the members were gentlemen or clergy.

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Irish Clergy and Gentlemen Discountenancing Vice
Deaths, Marriages, News and Promotions (1828)
Death notices and obituaries, marriage and birth notices, civil and military promotions, clerical preferments and domestic occurrences, as reported in the Gentleman's Magazine. Mostly from England and Wales, but items from Ireland, Scotland and abroad.

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Deaths, Marriages, News and Promotions
Freeholders in county Armagh (1873-1875)
Owners of an acre or more, whether resident there or elsewhere: with their addresses; the acreage; and a valuation of the land. The survey commenced in February 1873, the last returns being received in November 1875.

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Freeholders in county Armagh
National ArchivesMen of the 24th Regiment of Foot (2nd Warwickshire) fighting in South Africa (1877-1879)
What is commonly called the Zulu War Medal was awarded to those British soldiers who fought in a series of conflicts in southern Africa from 1877 (the Kaffir War) through to 1879 (the Zulu War). In 1880 the various units submitted returns of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men 'entitled to the Medal for Military Operations in South Africa during 1877-8-9' and these 'medal rolls' are now in the National Archives. The returns are made with the information arranged in twelve columns: 1. Rank and name 2. Regimental number and rank at the time the medal was earned 3. Whether in possession of medal for previous wars 4. Whether engaged against the Gaikas, Galekas and other Kaffir tribes 1877-8 5. Whether engaged against Pokwane 1878 6. Whether engaged against the Griquas 1878 7. Whether engaged against the Zulus 1879 8. Whether engaged against Sekukuni as set forth in Par. 2. G. O. 9. Whether engaged against Moirosi's stronghold 10. Entitled to medal without clasp under Par. 4. 11. Serving with regiment, depot, dead, discharged, deserted, &c. 12. Notes and cross-references to the Adjutant-General's medal lists. WO 100/46.

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Men of the 24th Regiment of Foot (2nd Warwickshire) fighting in South Africa
National ArchivesSeaforth Highlanders fighting in Egypt (1882)
The war medal roll for the Egyptian campaign of 1882 is annotated to show those men actually present at Tel-el-Kebir, and thereby also entitled to the Tel-el-Kebir clasp. In addition, there follows an almost duplicate roll of men entitled to the Bronze Star granted by the Khedive of Egypt in recognition of the campaign. Both the 1st and the 2nd battalions, Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) served in this campaign. The 1st battalion embarked for Bombay 21 February 1871. After returning to Aden 25 February, the battalion was sent to Egypt 2 August 1882, returning to England 15 October 1882. The 2nd battalion embarked for India 16 February 1879, but a large contingent joined the 1st battalion for the Egyptian campaign, and Seaforth Highlanders took part in the battle of Tel-el-Kebir.

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Seaforth Highlanders fighting in Egypt
National ArchivesOutstanding soldiers of the Royal Irish Rifles (1881-1901)
Each year the best soldiers of the regiment were chosen for long service and good conduct medals. This register gives rank, name, regimental number, and date of recommendation. (The sample scan is from the East Surrey regiment). The register is essentially a register of recommendations, annotated with details of the issue of the medals. Where no gratuity accompanied the medal, the entry is marked 'W. G.' (without gratuity); where, for one reason or another, the medal was not issued, the entry is marked 'N. S.' (not sanctioned) and struck through. The regiment was based on the 83rd Regimental District - Belfast. The 1st battalion returned to England from South Africa in 1882, and was stationed on Guernsey by 1885. Having served in Ireland 1887 to 1894, in 1895 it was at Brighton. In 1897 the battalion was sent to South Africa, and in 1898 on to India. The 2nd battalion embarked for Bermuda in 1880, and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1883; in 1886 to Gibraltar, in 1887 on to Egypt; in 1891 to Malta; and in 1894 to India. In 1895 we find the battalion at Bombay; but in 1899 it was transferred to South Africa, where it added "South Africa, 1899-1902" to the regimental honours.

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Outstanding soldiers of the Royal Irish Rifles
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