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Eveas Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'eveas'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 3 records (displaying 1 to 3): 

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Devon and Cornwall clerks, clerics, monks and clergy (1370-1382)
Ordinations to first tonsure, acolytes, subdeacons, deacons and priests, from the register of bishop Thomas de Brantyngham of Exeter. Exeter diocese covered the counties of Cornwall and Devon. Some of these clerks would go on to obtain benefices and remain celibate. The lists of subdeacons, deacons and priests state the clerks' respective titles, i. e., give the names of the person or religious house undertaking to support them. Monks and friars ('religious') are bracketed separately as such.

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Devon and Cornwall clerks, clerics, monks and clergy
Shareholders of the North of England Bank (1838)
The provincial banks of England and Wales made annual returns to the Stamp Office of their proprietors or shareholders. These returns, registered in March 1838, from the 103 banks then in existence, contain the full names and addresses of nearly 30,000 shareholders. This bank was based in Northumberland and Durham.

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Shareholders of the North of England Bank
Gunners of the Royal Navy (1904)
The Monthly Naval List for November 1904, printed By Authority for the Admiralty, contains this List of Officers on the Active List of the Royal Navy with the Dates of their Seniority. The list is arranged by rank, and then by date of seniority: full names, including full middle names, are given. Each name is preceded (where appropriate) by the number of the ship in which serving; an 'm' indicating the holder was entitled to wear a medal; one or more asterisks for officers authorized to hold foreign orders. (C) after the name denotes an officer who had obtained his lieutenant's commission by competition at the Royal Naval College; (E) one who had obtained the same for meritorious examination there; or (G) one who had received an honorary certificate or had qualified as a Gunnery or Torpedo Lieutenant. There are also various sets of initials in italics indicating: AdC Aide-de-Camp to the King, AO Clerk to Secretary to a Flag Officer, CG Coast Guard, CGP Coast Guard Pension, Coll studying at Naval College, Dev an acting sub-lieutenant studying at Devonport, DY Dock Yard, GH Greenwich Hospital, GHP Greenwich Hospital Pension, GSP Good Service Pension, KHC Honorary Chaplain to the King, KHP Honorary Physician to the King, KHS Honorary Surgeon to the King, NH Naval Hospital, NID Naval Intelligence Department, NP Naval Pension, Po an acting sub-lieutenant studying at Portsmouth, PW Pension for Wounds, RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, SC undergoing short course of instruction in torpedo, gunnery, &c., ScM Royal Naval School of Music, Sec Secretary to a Flag Officer, TB Torpedo Boat, TP Travers Pension, TS Transport Service, VY Victualling Yard. Large or bold letters in brackets or circles indicate qualifications in - G gunnery, I interpreting, N navigating, S secretary, T torpedo. There are lists for Flag Officers (Admirals of the Fleet, Admirals, Vice-Admirals, and Rear Admirals); Captains; Commanders; Lieutenants; Supplementary Lieutenants; Sub-Lieutenants (with class of their certificates in seamanship, navigation, pilotage, gunnery and torpedo); Midshipmen; Navy Cadets; Staff Captains; Engineer Rear-Admirals; Engineer Captains; Engineer Commanders; Engineer Lieutenants; Engineer Sub-Lieutenants; Chaplains (where these also acted as Naval Instructors, their seniority in that appointment is given as well); Naval Instructors (where these also acted as Chaplains, their seniority in that appointment is given as well); (Medical) Inspector-Generals of Hospitals and Fleets; Fleet Surgeons; Staff Surgeons; Surgeons; Paymasters-in-Chief; Fleet Paymasters; Staff Paymasters; Paymasters; Assistant Paymasters; Clerks; Assistant Clerks; Carpenter Lieutenants; Chief Gunners; Gunners; Chief Boatswains; Boatswains; Chief Signal Boatswains; Signal Boatswains; Chief Carpenters; Carpenters; Chief Artificer Engineers; Artificer Engineers; Chief Schoolmasters; Head Schoolmasters; Head Wardmasters.

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Gunners of the Royal Navy
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