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Burmingham Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'burmingham'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 4 records (displaying 1 to 4): 

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Fine Rolls (1246-1272)
The fine rolls of the 31st to 57th years of the reign of king Henry III record part of the government administration in England. These excerpts from the rolls list in transcript applications by plaintiffs for various writs (such as 'ad terminum' and 'pone') and for assizes to be held by the justices in eyre to look into their grievances. A fine of half a mark (6s 8d) or a mark (13s 4d) was usually levied; the cases are normally identified by county, and record that the appropriate sheriff had been notified. There are also more extensive records, in which more detail is given. The excerpts were made by the Record Commission and printed in 1836.

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Fine Rolls
Treasury Books (1717)
Records of the Treasury administration in Britain, America and the colonies, for 1717. These also include records of the appointment and replacement of customs officers such as tide waiters and surveyors.

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Treasury Books
National ArchivesClerks and apprentices (1784)
Apprenticeship indentures and clerks' articles were subject to a 6d or 12d per pound stamp duty: the registers of the payments usually give the master's trade, address, and occupation, and the apprentice's name, as well as details of the date and length of the apprenticeship. 2 January to 31 December 1784. IR 1/32

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Clerks and apprentices
English lawyers (1841)
The Royal Kalendar has a Law Department listing justices and officials of the High Court of Chancery; Masters in Chancery; Crown Office; Six Clerks Office; Register Office in Chancery Lane; Office of Reports and Entries; Affidavit Office; Hanaper Office; Examiner's Office; Petty Bag and Cursitors Office; Subpoena Office; Lord Chancellors officers; Vice-Chancellor's officers; officers to the Master of the Rolls; the Public Record Office at Rolls House; the Court of Bankruptcy; the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors; Court of Queen's Bench; Court of Common Pleas; Court of Exchequer; Exchequer Office of Pleas; Register of Deeds in the county of Middlesex; Queen's Sergeants and Counsel; Duchy Court of Lancaster; County Palatine of Lancaster; and County Palatine of Durham; Marshalsea and Palace-Court; Court of Westminster; with lists of the Lord Lieutenants and Sheriffs in England and Wales; and officials of the Inns of Court. There is also a list of the committee of the Law Society of the United Kingdom.

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English lawyers
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