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Brooman-white Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'brooman-white'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 3 records (displaying 1 to 3): 

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Eton College boys and masters (1900)
Printed lists of boys attending Eton College were issued each School-Time or term. This is the list for Lent School-Time, 1900. The governors and masters of the schools are given first: then the names of a scholar elected for King's in December 1899, and the names and ages of 16 scholars elected for Eton in July 1899, 12 of whom had been admitted. Winners of the Newcastle Scholarship, two each year, back to 1829 (here indexed from 1859 onwards), and of the various college scholarships and prizes for 1899, precede the Distinctions in Trials (examinations) for December 1899. The First Hundred and Certificate examination list for Election 1899 list the boys in order of merit and with the marks awarded in Classics, Mathematics, Scripture Knowledge and History. The Certificate list is divided into First, Second and Third Classes, Passed, and Failed. The names of examiners and absentees are also given. Then follow the main lists of all the pupils, arranged by class. For every boy his position in class, surname, house tutor's name and classical tutor's name, are given; and evey boy's entry is annotated with details of his prizes during his whole period at the school. In the fifth forms the list for each class is divided into four parts, divided by a dotted line, then a wavy line, and then a full line. The top fourth had all obtained distinction in the last trials; those above the wavy line had been classed in the last trials; next were the unclassed; and below the full line were those boys who had failed in the trials.

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Eton College boys and masters
Members of Cambridge University (1935)
The Cambridge University Calendar for 1935-1936 includes this list of all living members of the university, i. e. not only undergraduates and members of staff, but also all surviving graduates from earlier generations. The names are arranged alphabetically by surname, then by college in order of foundation, and under the particular colleges by order of seniority of the B. A. degree. Surnames are given, initials, name of college, and then the years of graduating B. A. and M. A. Where a change of name had occurred since matriculation, the original name is inserted in brackets. For undergraduates the term of matriculation is given in square brackets with an M for Michaelmas, L for Lent or E for Easter. An asterisk before a surname indicates a member of the Senate. Names which appeared on the roll of the Regent House promulgated in November 1934 are marked with a dagger. Further degrees, such as PHD, MB, BCHIR, MD, &c. are listed in smaller capitals with the year conferred.

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Members of Cambridge University
British Civil Servants (1953)
The British Imperial Calendar lists civil servants in Britain, arranged according to the organizational structure of the state, and shows their qualifications and salaries.

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British Civil Servants
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