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Aytell Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'aytell'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 3 records (displaying 1 to 3): 

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Allegations for marriages in southern England (1660-1669)
The province or archbishopric of Canterbury covered all England and Wales except for the northern counties in the four dioceses of the archbishopric of York (York, Durham, Chester and Carlisle). Marriage licences were generally issued by the local dioceses, but above them was the jurisdiction of the archbishop, exercised through his vicar-general. Where the prospective bride and groom were from different dioceses it would be expected that they obtain a licence from the archbishop; in practice, the archbishop residing at Lambeth, and the actual offices of the province being in London, which was itself split into myriad ecclesiastical jurisdictions, and spilled into adjoining dioceses, this facility was particularly resorted to by couples from London and the home counties, although there are quite a few entries referring to parties from further afield. The abstracts of the allegations given here usually state name, address (street in London, or parish), age, and condition of bride and groom; and sometimes the name, address and occupation of the friend or relative filing the allegation. Where parental consent was necessary, a mother's or father's name may be given. The ages shown should be treated with caution; ages above 21 tended to be reduced, doubtless for cosmetic reasons; ages under 21 tended to be increased, particularly to avoid requiring parental consent; a simple statement 'aged 21' may merely mean 'of full age' and indicate any age from 21 upwards. These are merely allegations to obtain licences; although nearly all will have resulted in the issuing of the licence, many licences did not then result in marriage.

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Allegations for marriages in southern England
Treasury Books (1693-1696)
Records of the Treasury administration in Britain, America and the colonies, from January 1693 to March 1696. These also include records of the appointment and replacement of customs officers such as tide waiters and surveyors. The calendar was prepared by William A. Shaw for the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury and published in 1935, from letters patent, privy seals, royal sign manuals and warrants, treasury warrants, commissions, orders, letters, memorials, reports and other entries, all not of the nature of Treasury Minutes.

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Treasury Books
National ArchivesInhabitants of Newington in Surrey (1851)
The 1851 census return for St Mary Newington, Surrey, registration district: St Peter Walworth sub-district: enumeration district 12: described as: "All that Part of the Parish of St. Mary Newington, which Comprises The South Side of Providence St. from the School to Walworth Common, North side of Walworth Common to Burdett St., East side of Burdett St., East side of Ewhurst St. to Clandon St., Clandon St. from Ewhurst St. to Providence St. (both sides), Including Clandon Court, Clifford St. (both sides), Providence Place, Waterloo St. (both sides) and John St. (both sides) to Burdett St." This area lay in the ecclesiastical district of St Peter Walworth, and in the borough of Lambeth. HO 107/1567. The addresses listed in the actual returns are 1 to 4 and 7 to 9 Providence Street (including Lime Cottage); 5 and 6 South Street; 1 to 8 Gloucester Place; 1 to 6 Providence Place; 9 Hour Glass Lane; 1 to 16 Clifford Street; 1 to 19 Burdett Street; 1 to 13 and 19 to 22 and 101 Waterloo Street; The Village Maid beershop; 1 to 8 and 14 and 15 (Saint) John Street; 1 to 11 Ewhurst Street; and 1 to 13, 19 to 30 and 68 to 70 Clandon Street.

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Inhabitants of Newington in Surrey
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