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Athersmith Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'athersmith'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 3 records (displaying 1 to 3): 

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Walsall Electors: Bloxwich (1841)
'A Correct Copy of the Poll taken at the late Election of a Member of Parliament, for the Borough of Walsall, in the County of Stafford, on Tuesday, the 2nd of February, 1841. Arranged so as to shew The Names of the several Polling Districts into which the Borough was divided; the Vote given by every person who did vote; and distinguishing those who did not vote. Candidates. John Neilson Gladstone, Esq. John Benjamin Smith, Esq.' The four polling districts were: 1 The Foreign Ward (exclusive of Bloxwich and neighbourhood; 2 Bloxwich and neighbourhood; 3 St George's Ward; 4 The Bridge Ward. The names are arranged by initial letter of surname, surname first, with nature of qualification (such as House; Warehouse; House and Land), where the qualifying property was situate; and whether a vote was cast for Gladstone or Smith.

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Walsall Electors: Bloxwich
Money lenders and other creditors (1880)
Bills of sale transferred title in all property of a debtor to a specified creditor. Possession of a bill of sale thus protected a money lender or other creditor from losing a debtor's property to other creditors (except landlords) in case of insolvency or bankruptcy; and in many cases signing a bill of sale was a required step for a borrower securing a loan. The bill of sale specified the amount thereby secured, but could be open, i. e., allow for further drawings on the same account. Entries from the official register of bills of sales in England and Wales were published in Flint & Co.'s London Manchester and Dublin Mercantile Gazette, a weekly publication available only by subscription, issued under the motto "Security in Crediting". The entries are listed by county, then alphabetically by debtor, surname first, with address, trade, the name of the creditor ('in whose favour'), dates of issue and filing, and amount. An &c. after the amount indicates an open bill. The creditors that appear in the 'in whose favour' column are mainly, but not exclusively, loan companies and individual money lenders, and Jewish names figure prominently among the latter. When a loan was paid off, satisfaction of the bill of sale was entered on the register, and these satisfactions are also recorded in these pages. 1 January to 31 March 1880.

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Money lenders and other creditors
Congregationalists (1935)
Who's Who in Congregationalism gives biographical notices of accredited ministers and evangelists, lay pastors and lay officials of the Congregational church in Britain and Ireland. The notices also include the names of wives, with maiden names, and these too are included in the index here.

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