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Ankersmit Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'ankersmit'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 4 records (displaying 1 to 4): 

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Inhabitants of King's Lynn (1274-1275)
Among the muniments of the corporation of Lynn Regis (King's Lynn) there survived a taxation roll, 15 feet long by 7 inches wide, with the names of 45 individuals, with the goods of each person and their value set out beneath. The roll is undated, but the Reverend G. H. Dashwood, who made an extract from the roll for publication by the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society in 1847, came to the conclusion that it dates from the 3rd year of the reign of king Edward I (20 November 1274 to 19 November 1275) and was in response to the levying of a general subsidy of a fifteenth granted by parliament in that year: and the roll is endorsed with a note that the total assessment was 1500 2s 3d farthing, of which a fifteenth amounted to 100 1d three farthings. The roll relates not to the whole borough, but just to the ward of which one Henry de Gernemutha was the collector. Dashwood in his extract gave all the entries, but only listed the goods in full in three cases, there being much repetition as to the goods and chattels of all those assessed.

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Inhabitants of King's Lynn 
Petitioning Creditors and Solicitors (1854)
Principal creditors petitioning to force a bankruptcy (but often close relatives of the bankrupt helping to protect his assets): and solicitors: in England and Wales

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Petitioning Creditors and Solicitors
Traders and professionals in London (1856)
The Post Office London Directory for 1856 includes this 'Commercial and Professional Directory', recording over 100,000 individuals.

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Traders and professionals in London
Boys entering Gresham's School (1951)
The Sir John Gresham Grammar School at Holt in Norfolk was founded by sir John, who bought the manor house there in 1546 to convert it into a school, and building work had started by 1555. To celebrate the quatercentenary in 1955, a history of the school written by the Reverend C. L. S. Linnell was published, together with an Alumni Greshamienses, a register of boys entering the school from 1562 to 1954, compiled by A. B. Douglas. The materials to hand for the register for the early years were slight; the first coherent lists of boys survive only from 1729, and then are fitful, with little detail, and largely missing from 1784 to 1803; however, from 1810 onwards the names of boys' parents are usually recorded. The register is arranged chronologically by year (and from 1900 by term - L, Lent; M, Michaelmas; S, Summer), and then alphabetically by surname (in capitals) and christian name(s). Where known, year of birth is then given (in brackets), names, addresses and occupations of parents. From 1900 onwards there are italic abbreviations for sporting achievements at school (h, hockey colours; VIII, shooting colours; S, first-class swimmer; XI, cricket colours; XV, football colours), and p for house prefect and P for school prefect; then (in italics) information about the boy's adult life, and his address (where living) at the time of publication. Finally, on the right hand side of the page, in italics, is given the year of his leaving the school. Most detail is absent before 1810; and, of course, for the boys still at school in 1955, or only recently left, there are no details of future career; nor are there the usual details about their parentage. From 1898 onwards day boys are noted with an italic D (N means Newquay dayboy); and from 1900 onwards the school houses are shown (B, Bengal Lodge; F, Farfield; H, School House or Howson's; K, Kenwyn; O, Old School House; W, Woodlands); and, for the junior school, c, Crossways; k, Kenwyn; o, Old School House).

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Boys entering Gresham's School
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