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Lodging House and Boarding House Keepers in Bath (1799)

A list of all the lodging and boarding houses in the city of Bath, street by street, with house numbers. 'The general price of Lodgings from the first of September to the 31st of May is 10s. 6d. a week for the best rooms, and 5s. 6d. for servant's rooms; the other three months, viz. June, July, and August, 7s. 6d. a week for the best rooms, and 5s. 6d. a week for servant's rooms.'

Victims of Outrages: Kilmacrenan barony, county Donegal (1851-1861)

Return of outrages specially reported by the constabulary as committed within the barony of Kilmacrenan, county Donegal: giving date of the offence; parish and townland; name and class of the injured person; nature of the offence; number of persons arrested; and whether conviction was had or not.

Bribers and Bribed in Hull (1854)

A Bill for the Prevention of Bribery in the Election of Members to serve in Parliament for the Borough of Kingston-upon-Hull, passed 11 April 1854, stated that a commission of inquiry 30 August 1853 had found that over a hundred voters were bribed at one or more of the elections for the borough in 1841, 1847 and 1852: the names of those bribed, and those who gave the bribes, were listed in the bill, and all those persons were disqualified from any future parliamentary elections for the borough.

Assaults on Women and Children: Bow Street, Hammersmith and Lambeth (1854-1855)

The return, under 16 & 17 Vict. c. 30 of offenders convicted of aggravated assaults upon women and children: giving date of conviction, full name of offender, and sentence.

London University Matriculation List (1870)

The matriculation list of the University of London published in January 1870 shows all the students entering the university 1865 to 1869, but who had not yet taken an examination. The alphabetical list gives full name, surname first; year of matriculation; and the name of the school or college (or private study or the name of a tutor) of previous education.

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