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Spottiswode Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'spottiswode'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 5 records (displaying 1 to 5): 

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Deaths, Marriages, News and Promotions (1807)
Death notices and obituaries, marriage and birth notices, civil and military promotions, clerical preferments and domestic occurrences, as reported in the Gentleman's Magazine. Mostly from England and Wales, but items from Ireland, Scotland and abroad.

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Deaths, Marriages, News and Promotions
Voters in the Parish of St Margaret, Westminster (1837)
A poll was taken 26 July 1837 for the election of two members to represent the City of Westminster in Parliament. The candidates were Lieut.-Col. de Lacey Evans, John Temple Leader, and Gen. the Right Hon. sir George Murray, K. G. C. This poll book lists the electors with full name (surname first) and address (in italics), dashes indicating for whom they cast their votes. The names are listed alphabetically by first letter of surname, arranged in the eight parishes of Westminster, plus the extra-parochial Precincts of the Savoy.

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Voters in the Parish of St Margaret, Westminster
Officers and officials of English hospitals (1841)
The Royal Kalendar lists patrons, governors, officers and staff of the hospitals and infirmaries in and near London: Saint Bartholomew's; the Bridewell and Bethlem; St Thomas's; Emanuel; Asylum for Poor French Protestants; Westminster Hospital; Guy's; Bancroft's Hospital; St George's; the Foundling Hospital; the London Hospital; the Hospital for Casual Smallpox and Vaccination; Lock Hospital; Middlesex Hospital; the British Lying-in Hospital for Married Women; the City of London Lying-in Hospital; St Luke's Hospital for Lunatics; Queen Charlotte's Lying-in Hospital; the Asylum for French Orphans; the General Lying-in Hospital; the Jews Hospital; Seamen's Hospital Society; Magdalen Hospital; London Fever Hospital; Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital; Royal Sea Bathing Infirmary (at Westbrook near Margate); Royal Infirmary for Diseases of the Eye; Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital; Infirmary for Asthma, Consumption and other Diseases of the Lungs; Charing Cross Hospital and Medical College; the Royal Metropolitan Hospital for Children; the Royal Maternity Charity for delivering Poor Married Women at their own Habitations; the General Dispensary for Relief of the Poor; Westminster General Dispensary; London Dispensary; Finsbury Dispensary; the Eastern Dispensary; the Public Dispensary; Marylebone General Dispensary; Queen Adelaide and British Ladies Lying-in Institution; the City Dispensary; the Western Dispensary; Surrey Dispensary; Tower Hamlets Dispensary; Bloomsbury Dispensary; the National Truss Society; the Rupture Society for the Supply of Trusses to the Indigent Poor; the City of London Truss Society; the National Vaccine Establishment; the Charitable Fund and Dispensary for Relieving the Sick Poor at their own Habitations with Medicines and Pecuniary Aid; the Northern Dispensary; the Royal Infirmary for Children; the Royal Dispensary for the Diseases of the Ear, and the Deaf and Dumb; the Royal Jennerian and London Vaccine Institution for the Extermination of Smallpox, for Gratuitous Vaccination, and Keeping up a Genuine Ichor; and St George's and St James's Dispensary.

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Officers and officials of English hospitals
National ArchivesPersons of standing recommending London police recruits (1830-1842)
The Metropolitan Police Register of Joiners (MEPO 333/4) lists policemen joining the force through to 31 December 1842 (to warrant number 19892). The register is alphabetical, in so far as the recruits are listed chronologically grouped under first letter of surname. It is evidently a continuation of a similar earlier register, not closed until its alphabetical sections were filled: consequently, there are no entries in this register for the initial letters N, O, Q, U, V, X, Y or Z; and the sections of this register start at different dates - A 18 April 1840 (warrant number 16894); B 11 December 1830 (5570); C 7 September 1830 (4988); D 27 May 1833 (8445); E 15 December 1838 (14476); F 30 March 1832 (7372); G 1 December 1835 (11,184); H 25 April 1832 (7457); I and J 13 February 1837 (12449); K 2 January 1838 (13457); L 3 October 1834 (9905); M 15 November 1832 (7999); P 4 October 1831 (6869); R 4 September 1837 (13021); S 30 March 1835 (10366); T 6 April 1840 (16829); W 30 December 1833 (9096). The register gives Date of Appointment, Name, Number of Warrant, Cause of Removal from Force (resigned, dismissed, promoted or died), and Date of Removal. Those recruits not formerly in the police, the army, or some government department, were required to provide (normally) at least two letters of recommendation from persons of standing, and details of these are entered on the facing pages: the names in these are indexed here (the police recruits are indexed separately and not included here). Recruits transferred from other forces or rejoining the force did not normally need recommendations - in the latter case, former warrant numbers are given - but some recommendations are from police inspectors, even other constables. Recruits coming from the army sometimes have general military certificates of good conduct, but most often have a letter from their former commanding officer; recruits recommended by government departments (most often the Home Office) similarly have letters from the head of department. But the great majority of the names and addresses in these pages are of respectable citizens having some sort of personal acquaintance with the recruit. Where more than two recommendations were provided, the clerk would only record one or two, with the words 'and others'. Tradesmen are sometimes identified as such by their occupations; there are some gentry. Although the great bulk of these names are from London and the home counties, a scattering are from further afield throughout Britain and Ireland.

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Persons of standing recommending London police recruits
Freeholders in county Tyrone (1873-1875)
Owners of an acre or more, whether resident there or elsewhere: with their addresses; the acreage; and a valuation of the land. The survey commenced in February 1873, the last returns being received in November 1875.

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Freeholders in county Tyrone

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