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Makeam Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'makeam'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 5 records (displaying 1 to 5): 

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Herefordshire Freeholders Deploring the American Rebellion (1775)
In December 1775 this address of the sheriff, gentlemen, clergy and freeholders of Herefordshire was presented to king George III: 'To confirm the Liberties of Britain by the Establishment of the Legislative Powers of Parliament, our Ancestors sacrificed their Blood; and to secure those Liberties to their Posterity, transferred the Succession to the Crown to your Majesty’s Family. - To defend and maintain those Powers, we look up to your Majesty as the great Guardian of our Constitution; and permit us to assure your Majesty, that we shall chearfully concur in every Support which our Duty may call for, or our Abilities can furnish, towards the Success of your Majesty’s Arms over your rebellious Subjects; at the same Time most ardently wishing, that your Majesty’s gracious Offers of Mercy, together with the firm Support of your dutiful and loyal Subjects, may influence the Hearts of the Rebellious to return to their Duty and Allegiance; and that your whole People reunited may, with us, be convinced, that to be a British Subject, with all its Consequences, is to be the freest Member of any Civil Society in the World. And we pray to God, that your Majesty and your Progeny may long reign over these Realms in undisturbed Peace and undiminished Splendor.' The subscribers' names are given in full, christian name first.

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Herefordshire Freeholders Deploring the American Rebellion
National ArchivesClerks and apprentices (1786)
Apprenticeship indentures and clerks' articles were subject to a 6d or 12d per pound stamp duty: the registers of the payments usually give the master's trade, address, and occupation, and the apprentice's name, as well as details of the date and length of the apprenticeship. 10 February to 31 December 1786. IR 1/33

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Clerks and apprentices
Unclaimed Dividends (1855)
The unclaimed dividend books of the Bank of England, containing names and descriptions of over 20,000 persons entitled to many millions of pounds accumulated in the bank unclaimed during the 18th and 19th centuries, mostly in consols and annuities, and transferred to the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt.

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Unclaimed Dividends
Unclaimed Money and Property (1866)
Gun & Co. of 17 Charlotte Street, and later of 6 Prince of Wales' Road, London, in about 1866 published this second 'List of Next of Kin & Heirs, &c., who have been Advertised for in the English, Irish, Scotch, United States of America, Canadian, Australian, East and West Indian, and other Newspapers, since 1704. Money & Property to the value of many Millions Sterling want Claimants'. The list of 4,128 names gives surname, christian name, and, occasionally, locality. Copies of the actual advertisements were furnished to enquirers by the company at a cost of six shillings.

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Unclaimed Money and Property
Missing Next-of-Kin and Heirs-at-Law (1880)
The Unclaimed Money Registry and Next-of-Kin Advertisement Office of F. H. Dougal & Co., on the Strand in London, published a comprehensive 'Index to Advertisements for Next of Kin, Heirs at Law, Legatees, &c., &c., who have been Advertised for to Claim Money and Property in Great Britain and all Parts of the World; also Annuitants, Shareholders, Intestates, Testators, Missing Friends, Creditors or their Representatives, Claimants, Unclaimed and Reclaimed Dividends and Stock, Citations, Administrations, Rewards for Certificates, Wills, Advertisements, &c., Claims, Unclaimed Balances, Packages, Addresses, Parish Clerks' Notices, Foreign Intestates, &c., &c.' The original list was compiled about 1860, but from materials dating back even into the 18th century: most of the references belong to 1850 to 1880. For each entry only a name is given, sometimes with a placename added in brackets: there may be a reference number, but there is no key by which the original advertisement may be traced. The enquirer of the time had to remit £1 for a 'Full and Authentic Copy of the Original Advertisement, together with name and date of newspaper in which the same appeared'.

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Missing Next-of-Kin and Heirs-at-Law 

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