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Kaunt Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'kaunt'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 3 records (displaying 1 to 3): 

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Liberate Rolls (1200-1211)
The chancery liberate rolls of the 2nd, 3rd and 5th years of the reign of king John (who came to the throne 27 May 1199) record the details of payments and allowances issued out of the Court of Chancery under the Great Seal of England, and were directed to the Treasurer. The rolls were edited by Thomas Duffus Hardy and printed by the Record Commission in 1844. Included in the volume is a transcript of a Praestita Roll (on which were entered the sums of money which issued out of the treasuries by way of imprest, advance or accommodation) of the 12th year of king John and a Misae Roll (detailing the daily expenses of his court) of the 11th year. Most of the entries relate to England and Wales, but there are occasional references to Ireland and the English possessions in France.

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Liberate Rolls
Tenants of the Bishopric of Durham (1345)
Bishop Hatfield's Survey, a record of the possessions of the see of Durham, made by order of Thomas de Hatfield, bishop of Durham 1345 to 1381, was edited by the Rev. William Greenwell for the Surtees Society and printed in 1856. As appendixes, he also transcribed a bailiff's roll of the manor of Auckland from the 5th year of bishop Richard de Bury, Hatfield's immediate predecessor; several bailiffs' rolls of the 5th year of Hatfield's pontificate; and a general receiver's roll of bishop John de Fordham, Hatfield's immediate successor.

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Tenants of the Bishopric of Durham
Baptists in Bengal (1804-1805)
The Baptist Missionary Society established a mission at Serampore in Bengal. Letters from the missionaries from 27 June 1804 to 20 October 1805 describing their work were published in England as 'Periodical Accounts relative to the Baptist Missionary Society', prefaced by 'A List of Persons baptised in Bengal, belonging to the Church of Christ at Serampore' running back to 1 November 1795. This list gives date, name, 'Cast or Trade, or to whom Related' (often just 'A Hindoo'), address, and 'Present Situation' (including Died, Suspended, 'A doubtful character', Excluded, 'Not heard of lately', and 'We fear gone back')

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Baptists in Bengal

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