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Guiffrida Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'guiffrida'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 1 record (displaying 1 to 1): 

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Unclaimed Shares of Special Gratuities for Naval Service in Egypt and the Soudan (1882-1885)
Various gratuities were awarded to officers and men who served on board her Majesty's ships during the wars in Egypt and Soudan. The Achilles, Agincourt, Alexandria, Beacon, Bittern, Carysfort, Chester, Cockatrice, Condor, Coquette, Cygnet, Decoy, Dee, Don, Dragon, Eclipse, Euphrates, Euryalus, Falcon, Hecla, Helicon, Humber, Inconstant, Inflexible, Invincible, Iris, Malabar, Minotaur, Monarch, Mosquito, Northumberland, Orion, Orontes, Penelope, Ready, Ruby, Salamis, Seagull, Seahorse, Sultan, Superb, Supply, Tamar, Temeraire, Thalia, Tourmaline and Wye were engaged in the Egypt Operations of 1882; the Arab, Briton, Carysfort, Decoy, Dryad, Euryalus, Hecla, Humber, Jumna, Orontes, Ranger, Serapis and Sphinx in the Soudan Operations of 1884; and the Albacore, Briton, Carysfort, Condor, Coquette, Cygnet, Dolphin, Falcon, Helicon, Humber, Iris, Myrmidon, Rambler, Ranger, Sphinx, Starling, Turquoise, Tyne and Woodlark in the Soudan and Nile Operations of 1884 to 1885. Some of these gratuities remained undistributed by 1902, when this comprehensive list of the unclaimed moneys was printed. In each case the sailor's name is given first (surname, then christian name or initials); rank or rating; ship in which serving at time of capture or award; and amount of award (usually 2 or 5).

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Unclaimed Shares of Special Gratuities for Naval Service in Egypt and the Soudan

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