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Corrison Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'corrison'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 2 records (displaying 1 to 2): 

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National ArchivesMasters of apprentices registered in Norwich (1767)
Apprenticeship indentures and clerks' articles were subject to a 6d or 12d per pound stamp duty: the registers of the payments usually give the master's trade, address, and occupation, and the apprentice's name, as well as details of the date and length of the apprenticeship. There are central registers for collections of the stamp duty in London, as well as returns from collectors in the provinces. These collectors generally received duty just from their own county, but sometimes from further afield. The indentures themselves can date from a year or two earlier than this return. (The sample entry shown on this scan is taken from a Salop return. Each entry has two scans, the other being the facing page with the details of the indenture, length of service, and payment of duty.) IR 1/56

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Masters of apprentices registered in Norwich
National ArchivesOutstanding soldiers of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (1881-1901)
Each year the best soldiers of the regiment were chosen for long service and good conduct medals. This register gives rank, name, regimental number, and date of recommendation. (The sample scan is from the East Surrey regiment). The register is essentially a register of recommendations, annotated with details of the issue of the medals. Where no gratuity accompanied the medal, the entry is marked 'W. G.' (without gratuity); where, for one reason or another, the medal was not issued, the entry is marked 'N. S.' (not sanctioned) and struck through. The regiment was based on the 23rd Regimental District - Wrexham. The 1st battalion embarked for Bengal in 1880, and by 1885 was stationed at Dum Dum; it was transferred to Burma for the campaign of 1885 to 1886 ("Burma, 1885-1887"), returning to India in 1887. The battalion took part in the Hazara Expedition of 1891. In 1895 it was at Jhansi. The troops returned to England via Aden in 1897, but were dispatched to South Africa in 1899, where they added "South Africa, 1899-1900" and "Relief of Ladysmith" to the regimental honours. The 2nd battalion returned to England from Gibraltar in 1880, was transferred to Ireland in 1883, and was at Templemore in 1885. The battalion returned to England in 1892, and was at Manchester in 1895. In 1896 the 2nd battalion was sent out to Malta, where it took part in the occupation of Crete; and on to Hong Kong in 1898, fighting in China and adding "Pekin, 1900" to the colours.

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Outstanding soldiers of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers

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