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Bowstred Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'bowstred'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 4 records (displaying 1 to 4): 

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Secretary of State's Papers (1599)
The letters and papers of sir Robert Cecil, Secretary of State, deal with all manner of government business in England, Ireland and abroad.

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Secretary of State's Papers
London Marriage Allegations (1521-1610)
London, Essex and part of Hertfordshire lay within the diocese of London. In the later 17th century the individual archdeaconry courts issued marriage licences, but for this period the only surviving material is from the overarching London Consistory court. The main series of marriage allegations from the consistory court starts 7 December 1597, and these were extracted by Colonel Joseph Lemuel Chester; Colonel Chester then discovered earlier material, back to 5 January 1521, in Vicar-General's Books of the Principal Probate Registry. The notices in these books were much briefer, but as well as extending back so much earlier, they included additional material for 1597 onwards. All this he collated with the consistory court extracts, and the text was edited by George J. Armytage and published by the Harleian Society in 1887. A typical later entry will give date; name, address and occupation of groom; name, address and condition of his intended bride, and/or, where she is a spinster, her father's name, address and occupation. Lastly we have the name of the church where the wedding was going to take place; or the words Gen. Lic. signifying a general or open licence.

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London Marriage Allegations
Irish petitions, memoranda and correspondence (1606-1663)
John Harley of the Historical Manuscripts Commission was invited by Reginald Rawdon Hastings to examine his family's extensive archives at the Manor House, Ashby de la Zouche, in Leicestershire. Harley produced a detailed calendar, in three volumes; Hastings himself having since died, and Harley having been killed at Gallipoli, the work was completed by his colleague, Francis Bickley, who also produced a fourth volume, published in 1947, by which time the manuscripts themselves had gone to the Henry E. Huntington Library at San Marino in California. This volume covers nine categories of the records, of which much, but not all, relates to Ireland: Correspondence of sir John Davies (Solicitor-General for Ireland 1603-1606 and Attorney-General for Ireland 1606-1619) (pages 1-17); Warrants, Petitions, &c., relating to Ireland, 1604-1618 and 1634 (18-54); Correspondence of John Bramhall (Bishop of Derry 1634-1660 and Archbishop of Armagh 1660-1663) (55-136); Petitions, Orders and Miscellaneius Documents mostly relating to the Episcopate of John Bramhall (137-152); Other Miscellaneous Irish Papers (153-185), including a particularly valuable Survey of the Undertakers and Servitors planted in Ulster between 2 February and 25 April 1613 (159-182); Royal Letters and Letters from the Lords of the Council, &c., mostly to the Earls of Huntingdon as Lords Lieutenant of Leicestershire and Rutland, and other Documents relating chiefly to County Affairs (186-221); Notes on Speeches and Proceedings in the House of Lords 1610-1621 and 1670-1695 (222-324); Later Miscellaneous and Additional Papers (325-358); and Letters and Papers of the Graham Family, chiefly relating to the disposal of the estates and titles of the Earls of Airth and Menteith and proposals for the marriage of Helen, daughter of sir James Graham.

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Irish petitions, memoranda and correspondence
London aldermen, councillors, officers and officials (1841)
The Royal Kalendar lists the mayor and aldermen of the city of London, annotated with ward, year of election, and address; deputies and common-council men of the city, by ward, with the names of their respective livery companies; the city officers; officials of the Irish Society; Commissioners of Sewers, Lamps and Pavements; the Royal Exchange and Gresham Trust Committee; Gresham College; City of London School; the Commissioners of the Lieutenancy for the London; magistrates and clerks of the London police offices; and officials of the Honourable Artillery Company; and commissioners and officials of the Office of the Metropolitan Roads north of the Thames. Then, gathered together until the title of Miscellaneous Institutions, are the Metropolitan Commissioners in Lunacy; the Scottish Corporation for the Relief of Natives of Scotland who have acquired no Parochial Settlement; Morden College for Decayed Merchants; the Alfred Society; the Travellers' Society; the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of England; Royal Freemasons School; Royal Masonic Institution; Society of Ancient Britons; Royal Humane Society; Mile End Philanthropic Society; Society for the Relief of Distressed Widows; City of London General Pension Society; Society for the Discharge and Relief of Persons Imprisoned for Small Debts; Friendly Female Society for Relieving Poor, Infirm and Aged Widows and Single Women, of Good Character, who have Seen Better Days; Society of Friends of Foreigners in Distress; London Female Penitentiary; Patriotic Fund; Corporation of the Refuge for the Destitute; Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline and for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders; Guardian Society for the Preservation of Public Morals; Society for the Suppression of Mendicity; Medical Benevolent Society; British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society; and the General Cemetery Company.

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London aldermen, councillors, officers and officials

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