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Algor Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'algor'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 5 records (displaying 1 to 5): 

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Grantees of offices, commissions and pardons (1272-1281)
The Patent Rolls are the Chancery enrolments of royal letters patent. Those for the 1st to the 9th years of the reign of king Edward I (29 November 1272 to 17 November 1281) were edited for the Public Record Office by J. G. Black, and published in 1901. The main contents are royal commissions and grants; ratifications of ecclesiastical estates; writs of aid to royal servants and purveyors; and pardons.

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Grantees of offices, commissions and pardons
Essex Feet of Fines: Hilary 1 James I (1604)
Abstracts of Essex pedes finium - law suits, or pretended suits, putting on record the ownership of land.

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Essex Feet of Fines: Hilary 1 James I
National ArchivesApprentices registered in Norfolk (1778)
Apprenticeship indentures and clerks' articles were subject to a 6d or 12d per pound stamp duty: the registers of the payments usually give the master's trade, address, and occupation, and the apprentice's name, as well as details of the date and length of the apprenticeship. There are central registers for collections of the stamp duty in London, as well as returns from collectors in the provinces. These collectors generally received duty just from their own county, but sometimes from further afield. The indentures themselves can date from a year or two earlier than this return. (The sample entry shown on this scan is taken from a Bristol return. Each entry has two scans, the other being the facing page with the details of the indenture, length of service, and payment of duty.) IR 1/60

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Apprentices registered in Norfolk
London Master Bootmakers and Shoemakers (1812)
At a general meeting of the master boot- and shoemakers of the cities of London and Westminster held at the British Coffee House, Cockspur Street, 24 February 1812, it was unanimously resolved 'That we feel deeply concerned at the present disturbed state of the trade, occasioned by our workmen having unjustly and impoliticly demanded a considerable advance of wages. We therefore take this opportunity of declaring our utter inability to comply with so unreasonable and unwarrantable a demand, for which there does not appear the smallest pretence or plea of necessity, but would on the contrary, if complied with, be productive of the greatest injury to them and us. '2dly. Being, however, fully persuaded that this injudicious and improvident transaction is in reality disapproved of by the sober, industrious, and most discerning of the workmen, we avail ourselves of this occasion to request those who have not left their employment, to continue at their work; and also those who have been incautiously and inconsiderately misled, to return to their respective employments, confidently relying on our support and protection.' The list of those present in most cases gives only the surname.

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London Master Bootmakers and Shoemakers
Railway Subscription Contracts (1845)
21,386,703 6s 4d was promised by about 10,000 subscribers of less than 2,000 per contract to the nearly 200 railway bills deposited in the Private Bill Office during the Session of Parliament for 1845. This alphabetical list gives the full names of the subscribers (surname first), description (i. e., occupation), place of abode, a numerical reference to the title of the railway, the amount subscribed to each, and total. There is a separate key to the titles of the railways.

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Railway Subscription Contracts

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