Surnames beginning with Lu

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Lu. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

lu family luacs family luag family luane family luang family luard family luard-selby family luaregson family luatala family lubald family luband family lubanski family lubard family lubarski family lubash family lubatti family lubaud family lubb family lubback family lubbe family lubbeck family lubben family lubbenham family lubbens family lubbers family lubberse family lubbersen family lubbersken family lubbert family lubbertse family lubbertsen family lubbesthorpe family lubbi family lubbin family lubbn family lubbock family lubbocke family lubbocks family lubborough family lubbre family lubbren family lubbrook family lubbrs family lubbuck family lubcke family lubczynski family lube family lubeck family lubek family lubel family lubell family lubelle family lubelshsky family lubelski family lubelsky family luben family lubenham family lubenrood family luber family luberd' family lubere family luberg family lubernott family lubers family lubersac family lubert family luberts family lubertz family lubeski family lubetkin family lubetzki family lubey family lubias family lubicz family lubienski family lubiere family lubieres family lubierski family lubin family lubing family lubinski family lubinsky family lubitch family lubitsky family lubke family lubkin family lubkowski family lublenk family lublin family lubliner family lublinski family lublinsky family lubman family lubndorff family lubner family lubo family lubock family luboff family lubofsky family luboldt family lubomirski family luboshez family lubosky family lubovitch family lubow family lubowsky family luboyera family lubran family lubranieski family lubre family lubren family lubrzynski family lubsam family lubsen family lubson family lubton family lubuc family luburc family lubwama family luby family lubyk family luc family luca family lucacer family lucadon family lucadou family lucadow family lucam family lucan family lucani family lucann family lucar family lucard family lucarda family lucare family lucarotti family lucas family lucas-calcraft family lucascczyk family lucase family lucas-lucas family lucass family lucas-scudamore family lucas-shadwell family lucassi family lucassone family lucas-tooth family lucasz family lucatella family lucatelli family lucato family lucatt family lucay family lucays family lucca family luccadou family luccan family luccas family luccass family lucchesi family lucchesini family lucchi family luccio family lucckes family luccoch family luccock family luccocke family luccok family luccomb' family luccombe family luccraft family luccumb' family luccumbe family luccus family luce family lucebi family luceborio family luceby family lucecte family lucedd family lucei family lucell' family lucellis family luceman family lucembourg family lucemore family lucen family lucena family lucenay family lucenburg family luceni family lucens family lucerna family lucessone family lucet family lucett family lucette family lucetti family lucevilliard family lucey family luceye family luch family lucham family luchard family luchefelde family lucheford family luchegeyn family lucheleskete family luchepol family luchere family luches family luchesi family luchford family luchiis family luchini family luchinsky family luchirdail family luchirfurd family luchman family luchmi family lucho family luchsinger family lucht family luchtenberg family luchting family luchton family luchus family luchys family luci family lucia family luciani family lucianus family lucias family lucibello family lucid family lucie family lucien family lucie-smith family luciette family lucinge family lucini family lucins family lucioni family lucit family lucius family lucj family lucjk family luck family luckan family luckas family luckcock family luckcok family luckcombe family luckcraft family luckcuck family lucke family luckeenarain family luckeman family lucken family luckenbach family luckenby family luckener family luckens family lucker family luckes family lucket family luckett family luckey family luckeyn family luckfield family luckford family luckham family luckhardt family luckhart family luckhas family luckhis family luckhoff family luckhoo family luckhorn family luckhrst family luckh'rst family luckhurst family luckhusrt family luckhust family luckie family luckin family lucking family luckinge family luckings family lucking-waller family luckins family luckinstysor family luckis family luckit family luckitt family luckland family lucklaw family lucklens family luckles family luckless family luckley family lucklin family luckling family luckly family luckman family lucknane family lucknaud family luckner family luckobe family luckock family luckok family luckold family luckolm family luckom family luckomb family luckombe family luckon family luckoppe family luckow family luckraft family luckroft family lucks family luckschal family lucksen family lucksford family lucksmith family luckson family luckstedt family luckstone family luckting family luckton family luckuck family luckumb family luckumbe family luckune family luckupp family luckwell family luckwill family luckworth family lucky family luckyn family luckys family luco family lucoborio family lucock family lucocke family lucocks family lucocq family lucok family lucokk family lucoln family lucomb family lucombe family lucon family lucop family lucoque family lucos family lucquet family lucraft family lucre family lucreant family lucrine family lucrinton family lucs family lucsa family luct' family lucteborou family lucteburg family lucteburg' family lucthon family lucthumbe family lucton family luctone family lucu family lucuas family lucum family lucume family lucus family lucvas family lucy family lucyan family lucy-court family lucye family lucyen family lucyes family lucyn family luczak family lud family lud' family luda family ludaleue family ludas family ludat family ludbee family ludbek family ludbey family ludbigson family ludbiter family ludborke family ludbroc family ludbrok' family ludbroke family ludbrook family ludbrooke family ludburc family ludburgh family ludbury family ludby family ludbyson family ludcock family ludd family luddaby family luddal family luddale family luddam family luddck family luddebrig' family luddelawe family luddeleaue family luddelow family luddelowe family ludden family luddenham family ludderes family ludders family luddesdon family luddesdone family luddesdun family luddesforthe family luddick family luddicke family luddie family luddieman family ludding family luddington family luddington' family luddinton family ludditt family luddman family luddoc family luddok family luddon family luddra family luddwell family luddy family luddynden family luddyngton family lude family ludebroc family ludebroke family ludeburgh family ludeby family ludeck family ludecke family ludecumbe family ludefeld family ludeford family ludeford' family ludegard family ludegarde family ludegarshale family ludegodefrey family ludegreen family ludehal family ludeham family ludeke family ludekens family ludekin family ludekyn family ludelan family ludelaue family ludelawe family ludeleue family ludelewe family ludelow family ludelowe family ludelshide family ludeman family luden family ludendon family ludendrf family ludenham family ludenksy family ludensack family ludenton family luder family ludercorp family luderdel family luderigsn family ludering family luderitz family luders family ludes family ludesbur' family ludescal family ludescale family ludescales family ludescall family ludesdein family ludesdon family ludesdon' family ludesdun family ludesham family ludesia family ludeske family ludeswich family ludeton family ludevege family ludewell family ludewich family ludewich' family ludewick family ludewig family ludeworth family ludewyn family ludfer family ludff family ludford family ludforde family ludforth family ludfram family ludgae family ludgam family ludgarde family ludgarshale family ludgate family ludgater family ludgates family ludgatter family ludge family ludger family ludgershall family ludgeter family ludgold family ludgoll family ludgrave family ludgreen family ludgrove family ludhabhoy family ludham family ludhinge family ludhuish family ludi family ludiam family ludiate family ludibrake family ludich family ludicke family ludiford' family ludig family ludigton family ludik family ludikar family ludin family ludinge family ludinglond family ludingsn family ludington family ludinton family ludinton' family ludit family luditon family ludke family ludken family ludkin family ludkins family ludkyn family ludlaim family ludlam family ludlan family ludlass family ludlawe family ludlaye family ludleigh family ludleo family ludley family ludlip family ludloe family ludloo family ludlow family ludlow-davis family ludlowe family ludlow-hewitt family ludlow-marleigh family ludlum family ludly family ludman family ludmir family ludmoore family ludndorff family ludney family ludnum family ludolf family ludolfe family ludolff family ludolfo family ludolph family ludolphi family ludovic family ludovici family ludovisio family ludow family ludowici family ludowieg family ludowig family ludowyk family ludquharne family ludray family ludreford family ludres family ludreskal family ludrll family ludrows family ludrugsen family luds family ludschelffte family ludsey family ludsham family ludski family ludson family ludsope family ludt family ludtke family luduk family ludvigsen family ludvinicky family ludvinovsky family ludwell family ludwick family ludwicks family ludwickson family ludwig family ludwigsen family ludwik family ludwin family ludwings family ludworth family ludwyn family ludyat family ludyatt family ludyea family ludyngton family ludzker family lue family luebbers family luebeck family lueben family luecombe family luedeke family lueder family luekenore family luellen family luellin family luellingburgh family luellyn family luen family luenberg family luens family luer family luerley family luerne family luers family luerson family luery family lues family luesley family lueson family luesse family luesy family luetchford family luetehford family luethgen family luetkens family lueur family luey family luf family lufe family lufenfeld family lufetop family luff family luffa family luffan family luffant family luffborrow family luffe family luffeham family luffelde family luffell family luffenham family luffer family luffett family luffewic family luffham family luffing family luffingham family luffkin family luffkins family lufflam family lufflamm family luffless family luffley family lufflum family luffman family luffmann family luffngton family lufford family lufforde family luffott family luffrum family luffsmith family luff-smith family lufft family luffts family luffwyk family luffyn family luffyng family lufgator family lufham family lufhin family lufingham family lufken family lufkin family lufkins family lufkyn family lufkynn family lufler family luflese family lufnam family lufne family luford family lufrent family luft family lufter family lufteshull family luftig family luftman family lufton family lufton' family lufts family luftur family luftus family lufwic family lufwike family lufwyk family lug family lugan family lugand family luganda family lugandy family luganere family lugans family lugar family lugard family lugaro family lugarr family lugas family lugastone family lugate family lugayn family lugburch' family lugburg family lugden family lugdum family lugduno family luge family lugendo family lugeon family luger family luges family luget family lugford family lugg family luggan family luggar family luggat family luggate family lugge family luggens family lugger family luggere family luggethach family luggett family luggfoote family luggis family luggissyes family luggo family luggor family luggore family luggs family lugh family lughar family lugharn family lugheburgh family lughroe family lught family lughtburgh family lughtburgh' family lughtburghe family lughteberg family lughtebergh family lughteburgh family lughton family lughtreburgh family lugi family lugia family lugies family luginak family lugiran family lugiraus family lugmayer family lugo family lugon family lugore family lugouere family lugoure family lugrine family lugrout family lugrove family lugsden family lugsdin family lugsdon family lugtewod family lugton family luguant family luguet family lugundy family lugvill' family lugwardin family lugwardine family lugwardyn family lugwardyne family lugwartde family luh family luhde family luhe family luheshi family luhke family luhlongwana family luhman family luhmann family luhn family luhrs family luhrsen family luht family luhumum family lui family luias family luick family luidam family luidfield family luidling family luidre family luidton family luie family luiekan family luies family luif family luiggard family luiggi family luighes family luigi family luijckesz family luijens family luijties family luikcock family luiken family luikes family luin family luines family luing family luins family luione family luiord family luis family luisa family luise family luisi family luist family luiston family luithle family luiton family luitone family luitorp family luiz family lujeane family luk family luk' family luka family lukach family lukacs family lukae family lukais family lukame family lukar family lukas family lukasiewicz family lukaszewicz family lukays family lukcombe family luke family lukehurst family lukeing family lukeis family luke-jones family lukeman family luken family lukenar family lukene family lukener family lukenor family lukenore family lukens family luker family luker-brown family lukere family lukerss family lukert family lukes family lukete family lukeu family lukey family lukeys family lukeyser family lukezerde family lukfeld family lukfin family lukianowicz family lukie family lukies family lukijanowicz family lukin family lukindo family lukine family luking family lukins family lukis family lukke family lukkien family luklas family luklaw family luklyn family lukman family lukmani family lukok family lukomsky family lukonski family lukorne family lukos family lukose family lukoski family lukover family lukovitch family luks family luksenburg family lukshmana family lukshumeyah family luktu' family lukumbe family lukungu family lukup family lukus family luky family lukye family lukyen family lukyn family lukyn-williams family lulan family luland family lulbock family lulby family lulcock family lule family lulen family lules family luley family lulford family lulham family lulier family lulin family luling family lulinges family lulius family lulkam family lull' family lulla family lullabeg family lullaby family lullam family lulland family lullay family lulle family lullebroc family lullebrok family lulleham family lullehulle family lullekesbere family lulleman family lullenden family lullepite family lulles family lullett family lulleworth family lullewurth family lulley family lullham family lulli family lullin family lulling family lullingden family lullingstopn family lullington family lullington' family lullingtun family lullinton family lullishull family lullman family lullok family lulls family lullse family lullson family lullvar family lullworth family lully family lullyngden family lullyngton family lullynton family lullywhite family lulm family lulman family luloe family lulofs family lulom family lulpeck family lulpeeke family lulpuck family lulre family luls family lultaprasad family lultre family luly family lulyn family lum family luman family lumas family lumass family lumaster family lumax family lumaye family lumb family lumbale family lumbard family lumbard' family lumbarde family lumbardi family lumbardstret family lumbardus family lumbars family lumbart family lumbarte family lumbe family lumbee family lumber family lumberd family lumberdia family lumberg family lumberghe family lumbers family lumbert family lumberte family lumbery family lumbew family lumbey family lumbi family lumbie family lumbir family lumbir' family lumbird family lumbis family lumbler family lumbley family lumbleye family lumbly family lumbre family lumbres family lumbrey family lumbs family lumburn family lumbus family lumbuth family lumby family lumdall family lumden family lumdill family lume family lumel' family lumelay family lumeleg' family lumeley family lumello family lumen family lumene family lumeney family lumeneye family lumenour family lumer family lumgair family lumgston family lumguire family lumhalges family luminer family luminges family lumini family luminor family lumis family lumisdaill family lumisdan family lumisden family lumisdon family lumkin family lumkins family lumkyn family lumlate family lumlay family lumle family lumler family lumley family lumleye family lumley-ellis family lumley-holmes family lumley-smith family lumley-williams family lumlin family lumline family lumlley family lumly family lumm family lummas family lummason family lummax family lumme family lummer family lummes family lummins family lummis family lummisden family lummiss family lummos family lummus family lummysden family lumn family lumner family lumney family lumnis family lumnore family lumnour family lumny family lumocke family lumor family lump family lumpasine family lumpe family lumph family lumphry family lumpkin family lumpkyn family lumpt family lumpton family lumpus family lumridge family lums family lumsbey family lumsdain family lumsdaine family lumsdale family lumsdane family lumsdean family lumsdell family lumsden family lumsden-carroll family lumsden-gordon family lumsdle family lumsdn family lumsd'n family lumsdon family lumsdone family lumsdon-taylor family lumsey family lumsford family lumshead family lumshen family lumston family lumus family lumworth family lumynour family lumysden family lun family luna family lunacre family lunam family lunan family lunardi family lunariis family lunars family lunat family lunato family lunau family lunbdie family lunberg family lunberi family lunbrg family lunburn family lunbury family luncfaud' family lunch family lunchap family luncheon family lunchin family luncke family luncle family lund family lund' family lunda family lunday family lundbeck family lundberg family lundberry family lundbm family lundbom family lundborg family lundbrg family lundburgh family lund-conlon family lundde family lunde family lundeberg family lundee family lundegaard family lundegard family lunden family lundene family lundenstone family lunder family lunders family lundertherp' family lunderthorp family lunderthorp' family lunderthorpe family lundethorp family lundey family lundford family lundgren family lundgren-groschke family lundguist family lundholm family lundi family lundice family lundie family lundies family lundig family lundin family lundine family lundius family lund-knudsen family lundle family lundlowe family lundman family lundo family lundon family lundon' family lundoneston family lundores family lundoris family lundquist family lundqvist family lundr' family lundre family lundreford family lundreis family lundres family lundresford family lundresfort family lundreshel family lundreys family lundridge family lundrigan family lundriggen family lundsdell family lundsford family lundsgaard family lundstrm family lundstrom family lundstron family lundstru family lundt family lundu family lundun family lundwall family lundwl family lundy family lund-yates family lundye family lundygreen family lundys family lune family luneau family luneberg family luneburgh family luneford family lunel family luneley family luneleye family lunell family luneman family lunemenstre family lunen family lunepee family lunergan family lunes family lunesdon' family lunesfeld' family lunesford family lunesholm' family lunespee family lunet family luneto family lunetone family luney family lunfing family lunford family lung family lung' family lungado family lungam family lungbarg family lungcamp' family lungcap' family lungchamp family lungdrien family lunge family lungeepee family lungeespee family lungehulle family lungelay family lungen family lungeneie family lungenmuss family lungesp' family lungespe family lungespec family lungespee family lungespeie family lungespey family lungespeye family lungespy family lungesspee family lungevile family lungevilers family lungevilirs family lungevill family lungevill' family lungeville family lungevillers family lungewile family lungewrthe family lungey family lunghi family lunglay family lungley family lungly family lungo family lungouere family lungoyl family lungreen family lungren family lungridge family lungspe family lungspy family lungt family lunguilers' family lunguillers family lunguyle family lungvilers family lung'vill' family lungvill' family lungvillers family lungwa family lungwe family lunhale family lunhales family lunham family lunhout family lunhy family lunidy family luniewski family lunine family luning family lunis family luniss family lunivig family lunjee family lunjeebhoy family lunken family lunkenheimer family lunkesby family lunkester family lunkham family lunkinheimer family lunley family lunmans family lunmisden family lunmore family lunn family lunnan family lunne family lunnebach family lunnell family lunnen family lunnery family lunnes family lunness family lunnet family lunney family lunneys family lunnin family lunning family lunnins family lunnis family lunniss family lunnon family lunn-rookcliffe family lunnsdaill family lunnun family lunnung family lunny family lunoe family lunon family lunond family luns family lunsdaine family lunsdale family lunsden family lunsdon family lunsecoumbe family lunseford family lunsford family lunsforde family lunshen family lunshon family lunsley family lunson family lunspe family lunsse family lunsted family lunston family lunstone family lunstrome family lunstrong family lunt family lunte family lunteleie family lunteley family lunter family luntey family luntil family luntley family luntlie family luntly family luntney family luntwayt family luntz family lunvaldt family lunvilers family lunworth family luny family lunyall family lunys family lunz family lunzer family luoney family luons family lup family lupane family lupariis family lupart family luparte family lup de til family lupe family lupebi family lupeere family lupegate family lupellus family luper family luperier family lupert family luperzate family lupesaut family lupesheved family lupey family lupeyate family lupeyete family lupham family luphede family lupi family lupiac family lupiat' family lupie family lupin family lupine family lupiniaco family lupinitz family lupino family lupinski family lupinsky family lupishede family lupit family lupke family lupkovics family luplau family lupo family lupolow family lupp family luppa family luppe family luppellus family luppen family luppencott family luppens family luppesaut family luppin family luppincotte family luppingge family luppino family luppon family lupprian family lupra family lups family lupsaud family lupsaut family lupscom family lupscombe family lupset family lupsett family lupson family lupthorne family lupto family lupton family luptrott family lupudge family lupue family lupus family lupwood family lupy family lupyate family lupyshged family lupyt family lupytl family lupzate family luque family luques family luquet family lur family lurad family luraghi family luraonda family luraschi family lurash family lurchay family lurchen family lurcher family lurchon family lurcock family lurcott family lurcotts family lurcum family lurcy family lurdenan family lurdham family lurdingestrete family lurdingstrate family lurdun family lure family lureker family luremore family lurewig family lurey family lurgahi family lurgan family lurge family lurgey family luri family luria family lurid family lurie family lurig family lurinda family lurine family luring family lurinski family lurion family lurister family lurkan family lurken family lurkepyn family lurkie family lurkin family lurking family lurkings family lurkins family lurkyn family lurles family lurly family lurm family lurman family lurmore family luro family luroudie family luroza family lurpie family lurpoole family lurrell family lurrey family lurring family lurry family lurryman family lurse family lurst family lurter family lurtey family lurtin family lurting family lurtinge family lurtins family lurton family lurtray family lurtyng family lurway family lurwell family lury family lurye family lus family lusada family lusak family lusakan family lusan family lusancey family lusander family lusaney family lusardi family lusaw family lusay family lusbeck family lusberg family lusbey family lusbie family lusbin family lusbrook family lusbury family lusby family lusbye family luscam family luscard family luscebi family lusceby family lusceio family luscekote family luscel' family luscher family luschover family luschwitz family lusci family luscmbe family lusc'mbe family lusco family luscock family luscoe family luscomb family luscombe family luscome family luscoo family luscot family luscote family luscott family luscovitch family luscumbe family luscus family luscy family lusd family lusden family lusdonk family luse family lusebrinck family luseleg family luselegh family lusemore family lusena family lusenne family lusenwel family luserne family luset family lusewy family lusewyk family lusewyz family lusford family lusg family lusgarten family lusgater family lusgington family lusgrith family lush family lusha family lushar family lushbrook family lushbrooke family lushby family lushcomb family lushe family lushel family lusher family lusher-pentney family lushey family lushg family lushing family lushingtn family lushington family lushington-brown family lushinski family lushinton family lushngtn family lushngton family lushren family lushwell family lush-wilson family lushy family lusi family lusianno family lusignan family lusinde family lusingnan family lusiniani family lusinski family lusk family luske family lusker family luskin family luskisson family lusky family lusley family luslington family luslow family lusmore family lusome family luson family lusor' family lusoriis family lusours family luss family lussall family lussam family lussan family lussanet family lussaux family lussby family lussebury family lussel family lussell family lussenden family lussey family lusshe family lussher family lussi family lussidy family lussier family lussiere family lussignea family lussman family lusso family lusson family lusstanance family lusston family lussy family lust family lustch family lustcyll family lustecyll family lusted family lusteleghe family luster family lusterhull family lusterley family lusteshill family lusteshull family lusteshull' family lusteshulle family lustey family lustgarten family lusthaus family lustic family lustick family lustig family lustig-lendva family lustigman family lustleghe family lustlow family lustmann family lustname family lustok family luston family lustone family lustre family lustreforde family lusts family lustshull family lustun family lustur family lusty family luswazi family luswey family luswinbe family lutabi family lutale family lutam family lutar family lutas family lutaya family lutch family lutchard family lutchare family lutchfield family lutchford family lutchins family lutchmana family lutchmans family lutchmeepathy-naidoo family lutchmuna family lutchwyche family lutcut family lute family lutebi family lutebir' family luteburg' family luteby family lutecombe family luted family lutee family lutefoot family lutegaresale family lutegareshale family lutegarsale family lutegarshal family lutegarshale family lutegreshale family lutehale family lutekyn family lutel family lutelbiry family lutelbury family lutelchild family lutele family luteleg' family luteleye family lutell family lutelton family luteltone family luteman family lutemora family lutener family lutenor family lutens family luter family luter' family luterbacher family lutereau family luterel family luterell family luterell' family luterellis family luteridge family lutering' family luterington family luterington' family luterloh family luteryngton family lutes family luteshull family lutester family luteutilwa family lutey family luteyche family lutez family lutf family lutfoot family lutford family lutft family lutfur-rahman family lutgarshale family lutge family lutgen family lutgens family lutgies family luth family lutham family luthar family luthburgh family luthbury family luthe family lutheburgh family luthell family luthena family luther family luthera family lutherall family lutherborrow family luthergrenes family luthermine family lutherpol family luthers family luthewell family luthie family luthill family luthin family luthins family luthirdaile family luthirdale family luthley family luthma family luthman family luthmann family luthner family luthon family luthone family luthra family luthrie family luthringer family luthteburh family luthunum family luthur family luthurst family luthwell family luthy family luthyngton family luti family lutice family lutie family lutifur family lutiger family lution family lutjens family lutke family lutkehaus family lutkeman family lutken family lutkens family lutki family lutkin family lutkins family lutkon family lutkyn family lutlebur' family lutlebury family lutleham family lutleton family lutley family lutleye family lutlin family lutlington family lutlinton family lutly family lutlyngthon family lutlynton family lutman family lutmoor family lutny family luto family lutomski family luton family luton' family lutone family lutoni family lutoslawski family lutostanski family lutovitch family lutrari family lutrarius family lutre family lutrel family lutrell family lutrell' family lutrer family lutrer' family lutreworth family lutrington family lutrinton family lutrinton' family lutro family luts family lutschanning family lutscher family lutsey family lutt family luttaprasad family luttard family luttborn family lutte family lutteburg family lutted family lutteford family luttegard family luttekisforde family luttelbourgh family luttelbury family luttele family luttelehaye family lutteley family lutteleye family luttelhay family luttelton family lutteman family lutten family luttenham family lutter family lutteral family lutterbach family lutterback family lutterel family lutterell family lutterell' family lutterer family lutterfield family lutterford family lutteridge family lutterill family lutteriss family lutterloch family lutterlock family lutterloh family lutterlok family lutterman family luttermann 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