Surnames beginning with Ll

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Ll. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

ll' family llagostera family llagosterae family llainche family llamas family llambias family llamosa family llanaway family lland family llandaff family llandell family llandells family llandervaylog family llandon family llanera family llangarran family llangarren family llangater family llangharne family llangley family llanigan family llanlloide family llanmail family llano family llanover family llanrhaidr family llanrothal family llanrumney family llanthewy family llanthony family llanvapley family llanwapley family llanwaran family llanwarne family llardet family llarissa family llavellyn family llawelling family llberty family lldinton family llee family lleellyn family lleget family lleggett family llelwin family llen family llenhellm family llenloide family llenny family lleoline family lleris family lleullin family lleuroux family llewe family llewelen family llewelin family lleweling family llewellan family llewellen family llewellen palmer family llewellens family llewellin family llewellin-evans family llewelling family llewelln family llewell'n family llewelltyn family llewellun family llewelly family llewellyan family llewellyn family llewellyn-davies family llewellyne family llewellyn-jones family llewellyn-smith family llewellyn-springett family llewellyn-thomas family llewelyn family llewelyn-davies family llewerton family llewgelan family llewhallin family llewhelin family llewhellen family llewhellend family llewhellin family llewhelling family llewhellyn family llewhelm family llewillin family llewillyn family llewlin family llewllin family llewllyn family llew'llyn family llewlyn family llewylln family llewyn family lley family lleye family llgydf family llieva family lliffe family llillingston family llingsworth family lliot family llis family llloyd family ll'n family lloargh family llobera family llobet family llocks family llod family lloid family lloide family lloit family lloiyd family llooyd family llopis family llord family llosa family llot family llotd family lloud family llowar family llowarch family llowargh family llowe family llowen family llower family lloy family lloyan family lloyd family lloyd-baker family lloyd-barrow family lloyd-blood family lloyd-bostock family lloyd-carson family lloydd family lloyd-davies family lloyd-dodd family lloyde family lloyd-earle family lloyd-edwards family lloyd-evans family lloyd-george family lloyd-goring family lloyd-greame family lloyd-griffith family lloyd-harries family lloyd-hughes family lloyd-jacob family lloyd-james family lloyd-jenkins family lloyd-johnes family lloyd-jones family lloyd-kirk family lloydlangston family lloyd-oswell family lloyd-owen family lloyd-philipps family lloyd price family lloyd-price family lloyd-rees family lloyd-roberts family lloyds family lloyd-smith family lloyd-still family lloyd-taylor family lloyd-thomas family lloyd-tuckey family lloyd-verney family lloyd-willey family lloyd-williams family lloyd-williamson family lloyed family lloyns family lloys family lloysd family lloyt family lloyud family llubey family llud family llude family lluelin family lluellen family lluellin family lluelling family lluellyn family lluen family llufrieu family llufriu family llunsam family llushelling family lluxton family llwall family llwelin family llwell family llwellin family llwellyn family llwelyn family llwood family llwyd family llwyd-roberts family llwyt family ll'ya family llyod family llyster family llyth family llywellyn family llywelyn family llywelyn-jones family

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