Surnames beginning with Fe

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Fe. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

fe family fea family feabin family feacey family feacham family feachem family feachen family feackes family feacock family feacon family feacy family fead family feade family feaden family feadon family feaeveoryour family feaft family feagan family feagen family feagh family feaghmore family feagon family feague family feah family feahn family feaist family feak family feake family feaken family feaker family feakes family feakin family feakings family feakins family feaks family feal family fealan family feald family fealder family fealdman family feale family fealey family feallen family fealley family feally family fealstead family fealsted family fealtez family fealy family feamley family fean family feanagh family feanby family feander family feanes family feaney family feaniside family feanny family feans family feanside family fear family feara family fearan family fearard family fearburn family fearby family fearce family fearchild family fearclough family fearcon family feard family feare family fearebank family fearebveard family fearen family fearene family fearenside family fearer family feares family feareven family fearey family fearfax family fearfaxe family fearfield family fearfore family feargail family feargreave family feargrieve family fearhead family fearick family fearies family feariis family fearin family fearing family fearis family fearl family fearless family fearley family fearly family fearm family fearman family fearme family fearmes family fearmouth family fearn family fearnaby family fearnal family fearnaley family fearnall family fearnaly family fearnan family fearnaught family fearnbank family fearnbaugh family fearnby family fearnchough family fearncomb family fearncombe family fearncuther family fearne family fearnehough family fearneley family fearnell family fearnely family fearnenough family fearneough family fearnes family fearnett family fearney family fearneyhough family fearngead family fearnhall family fearnhead family fearnhodsoll family fearnhough family fearnigside family fearnihalgh family fearnihaugh family fearnihough family fearniley family fearnill family fearniough family fearniside family fearnley family fearnley-whitingstall family fearnley-whittingstall family fearnly family fearnol family fearnot family fearnough family fearns family fearnsby family fearnside family fearnsides family fearnsley family fearnsodes family fearnsome family fearnsyde family fearnyhough family fearnyough family fearock family fearoe family fearon family fearong family fearon-jones family fearons family fearors family fearr family fearres family fearry family fears family fearside family fearsides family fearson family feart family fearther family fearthey family fearu family fearun family fearus family fearveryer family fearwether family feary family fearyes family fearyy family feasant family feasby family feasely family feaser family feasey family feast family feaste family feaster family feaston family feasy family featch family feater family feates family feath family featham family feathe family feather family featherberry family featherbridge family featherby family featherf family featherman family feathers family feathersby family featherson family featherstn family featherston family featherstonaugh family featherstone family featherstonehalgh family featherstonehaugh family featherstonehough family featherstones family featherstone-witty family featherstonghaugh family featherstonhalgh family featherstonhaugh family featherstonhaulgh family featherstonough family feathertone family feathertonhaugh family feathrs family feathrstn family feathrstne family feath'rstnhaugh family feathrstnshaugh family feathy family featley family featlie family featly family featlye family featon family featonby family featonby-smith family feats family featum family feaueryer family feau-lefebvre family feaurneux family feauveau family feavearyear family feaveayear family feaver family feavers family feaverstone family feavery family feaveryear family feaviour family feavon family feavor family feavour family feawcett family feawter family feay family feayres family feazand family feazard family feazby family feazer family feazey family feazie family feazy family febar' family febb family febbard family febbeard family febbeart family febbraro family febburd family feben family feber family feberfedden family feberoff family febery family febins family feblowicz family febos family febre family febree family febrenbach family febrier family febrsen family febry family febton family febur family feburd family febure family febvre family feby family fecam family fecamp family fecan family fecci family fecekete family fecey family fechaham family fecham family fechat family feche family fechem family fechenham family fecher family fechet family feching family fechiston family fechna family fechner family fechot family fecht family fechter family fechtman family fechtner family feciler family feck family fecke family feckeham family feckel family feckeman family feckenham family fecker family feckett family feckham family fecklenburgh family feckman family fecknam family feckname family feckney family feckstocke family feckus family fecney family fecon family fecos family fecter family fectom family fector family fedace family fedarb family fedarl family fedd family feddall family fedden family fedder family fedderman family feddern family feddersen family fedderson family fedderston family feddery family feddes family feddies family feddigan family feddiman family feddin family feddins family feddis family feddon family feddullar family feddy family feddys family fede family fedefer family fedekyn family fedel family fedelitz family fedelowe family fedence family feder family federer family federici family federico family federigo family federington family federiqui family federman family federoff family federspiel family federstan family federston family federstone family federstonhagh family federy family fedes family fedesha' family fedeski family fedida family fedin family fedirston family fediw family fedley family fedman family fednes family fedor family fedoruk family fedreth family fedreyngeye family fedrick family fedrickson family fedrig family fedryck family fedter family fedullo family fedyweder family fee family feebury family feeching family feed family feedam family feede family feedham family feedman family feedon family feeeman family feeforth family feegan family feeghan family feegrade family feehally family feeham family feehan family feehawge family feehe family feehelly family feehely family feeheny family feein family feejames family feek family feeke family feekeham family feekery family feekings family feeks family feel family feelay family feeld family feelde family feelden family feelder family feeldinge family feele family feelex family feeley family feelinck family feeling family feells family feelson family feely family feeman family feeminge family feen family feenaghry family feenaghty family feenan family feenane family feendlow family feenen family feenes family feeney family feenie family feenin family feenney family feeny family feepond family feepound family feer family feerall family feerbank family feerby family feere family feerey family feerick family feering family feerith family feerling family feers family feersmir family feery family feerze family fees family feesey family fee-smith family feest family feetam family feete family feetham family feethem family feetome family feeton family feetone family feetrum family feets family feettit family feettom family feetum family feeves family feevez family feevy family feew family feeworth family feez family fefee family feffard' family fefvre family feg family feg' family fegan family fegans family fegar family fege family fegeleshou family fegen family fegenel family feger family fegerby family fegerstrom family fegeshe family fegg family feggans family fegge family feggeter family feggetter family feggins family feghan family fegherby family fegily family fegler family fegnell family fegoblytt family fegowe family fegredo family fegth family feguers family feguetrta family feguson family feham family fehan family fehely family fehem family feherberd family feherstone family feherty family fehilly family fehily family fehin family fehler family fehling family fehon family fehous family fehr family fehremanbach family fehrembach family fehrenbach family fehrenback family fehrer family fehrman family fehrs family fehrsen family fehrszen family fehus family feibelmann family feibig family feibusch family feic family feice family feichmann family feichtinger family feichtmann family feid family feider family feidler family feie family feied family feield family feifeild family feiffer family feiffilld family feige family feigenbaum family feighan family feighery family feighley family feighney family feighry family feightman family feigl family feignam family feigner family feigny family feiham family feijo family feil family feilam family feilchenfeld family feild family feildar family feilde family feildehowse family feildeing family feilden family feilder family feilders family feildes family feildgate family feildhous family feildhouse family feildie family feilding family feildinge family feilding-kane family feild-jones family feildon family feilds family feildsend family feildson family feildy family feildyng family feilen family feiler family feilett family feililzsch family feiline family feiling family feill family feilld family feillet family feillett family feilliet family feilliette family feillmann family feilman family feilmann family feilo family feils family fein family feinagle family feinaigle family feinber family feinberg family feinburg family feince family feind family feine family feiner family feingold family feingstein family feinhols family feinknopf family feinman family feinmann family feinmesser family feinsilber family feinsohn family feinson family feinstein family feint family feinton family feintuch family feintuck family feinycholes family feinycompton family feinzies family feipo family feir family feirchild family feirclerk family feireclou family feirfaxe family feirfeld family feirhurst family feirleigh family feirn family feirsell family feirsome family feirweder family feis family feisac family feisant family feise family feisner family feiss family feist family feistal family feistead family feisted family feistel family feister family feit family feitas family feitch family feitche family feitelbaum family feitelberg family feitelsohn family feitelson family feith family feithful family feitleberg family feitwell family feitzgered family feivelman family feivouz family feiwel family feixdelin family feize family fejer family fejerova-precova family fejo family fek family fek' family fekaham family fekam family fekce family feke family fekeam family fekeha' family fekeman family fekenham family fekere family fekerstone family fekesby family fekete family fekett family fekeys family fekham family fekinton' family fekkenham family fekkynham family feklowes family fekton family fekynham family fel family fela family felagh family felaghe family felan family felani family felard family felate family felausten family felawe family felber family felbergge family felbergh family felbermann family felbier family felbinger family felbridge family felbrig family felbrigg family felbrigge family felbrugge family felbrydge family felbrygg family felbrygge family felburn family felbusch family felby family felcamp family felce family felcham family felcourt family feld family feld' family felda family feldalling family feldart family felday family feldbauer family feldberg family feldborg family feldburth family felde family feldegate family feldehend family felden family feldenheimer family feldenkraus family felder family feldesende family feldeshend family feldesteda family feldewe family feldgate family feldham family feldheim family feldhmann family feldhous family feldhouse family feldhowse family feldhowses family feldhusen family felding family feldinge family feldlaw family feldman family feldmann family feldmann-fried family feldmar family feldmeier family feldmesser family feldmon family feldon family feldowe family feldrak family feldsende family feldstede family feldstein family feldt family feldtmann family feldwich family feldwick family feldwicke family feldy family feldyng family feldynge family fele family felebrege family felebrig family felebrige family felebrigg family feleby family feled family felee family felegate family feleming family felenon family feleper family felesteda family feley family felfare family felfecheham family felfer family felfger family felford family felfour family felgate family felgeriis family felgett family felgh' family felghny family felgieres family felgner family felgrave family felham family felher family felhouse family felian family felica family felice family felicedaughter family felicekirk family felici family felicia family feliciani family feliciano family feliciant family felicien family felicok family felicusone family feligny family felin family felinck family feline family felingeston family felings family feliper family felipes family felippe family felipps family felis family felisdoghter family felisham family feliskirk family felisson family felivyll family felix family felixbrant family felixe family felix-jones family felix-smith family felixson family felix-williams family felk family felkam family felke family felkengham family felkes family felkin family felkingham family felkings family felkins family felkirzamb family felkoff family felks family felkynn family fell family fella family felland family fellar family fellard family fellars family fellawe family fellb family fellbrich family fellby family fellcars family fellden family felldigby family felldin family felle family fellefen family fellen family fellenberg family fellender family fellenham family feller family fellerington family fellerman family fellers family fellerson family felles family fellesclydd family felleton family fellew family felley family fellgate family fellgett family fellham family fellice family fellick family fellim family felling family fellingeham family fellinger family fellingham family fellingworth family fellinton' family felliot family fellis family fellister family fellman family fellmore family fellner family fello family felloe family felloes family fellon family felloni family fellons family fellos family fellous family fellow family fellowe family fellowes family fellowes-brown family fellowes-farrow family fellowes-gordon family fellowes-prynne family fellowfield family fellows family fellows-bloomer family fellowship family fellows-smith family fellows-whitehead family fells family fellstead family felltham family fellton family fellum family fellupsun family felly family fellyng family fellyng' family felman family felmay family felmeresham family felmersham family felmiggeham family felmigham family felmingeham family felmingham family felmore family felmyngham family felmysham family feln family felner family felningham family feloer family feloj family felongley family felonie family felony family felop family felote family feloter family felous family felow family felowe family felows family felpe family felpes family felps family felpts family felpur family felpys family fels family felsall family felschow family felse family felsenburg family felsenstein family felsenthal family felsham family felshaw family felsner family felson family felst family felstad family felstead family felsted family felsted' family felstede family felsteed family felstein family felston family felstone family felt family feltam family feltbower family feltbrodt family felteaus family feltell family felter family feltere family felterro family felters family feltes family feltewell family feltewelle family feltgen family feltham family felthank family felthause family felthone family felthorp family felthose family felthouse family felthousn family felthowse family feltie family feltin family felting family feltis family feltman family feltner family felto family feltoe family feltom family felton family felton' family feltone family feltopn family feltre family feltrup family felts family feltts family feltum family feltus family feltuss family feltwell family feltwerthete family feltwood family feltworth family feltz family felun family felungley family felur family felver family felvet family felvus family felwall family felwe family felwell family felwick family felwood family felyan family felyce family felygny family felyn family felyng family felyngley family felyngleye family felyons family felyp family felypes family felyps family felyrs family felys family felz family fem' family femasons family femayster family fembrig' family femeley family femely family femenale family femenhale family femenia family femer family femey family feming family femley family femman family femmett family femminineo family femmotte family femnale family femty family femyndyn family femyng family femynge family fen family fen' family fenable family fenaer family fenagan family fenaghty family fenaghy family fenaher family fenall family fenander family fenaner family fenard family fenaughty family fenay family fenbath family fenbey family fenbow family fenbrig' family fenbrige family fenbrigge family fenburge family fenby family fenbye family fencal family fence family fencer family fench family fencham family fenche family fenchelle family fenchells family fencher family fencherche family fenchere family fenchingfeud family fencible family fencibles family fencill family fencock family fencot family fencote family fencotes family fencott family fencotys family fencourt family fenctham family fenctree family fenczyn-kip family fend family fendakll family fendal family fendall family fendallstock family fendam family fendard family fende family fendeak family fendell family fendelow family fendeman family fender family fendermel family fenders family fendick family fendike family fendin family fendit family fendius family fendlay family fendler family fendles family fendley family fendlly family fendlow family fendly family fendon family fendour family fendrall family fendreiton' family fendrich family fendrick family fends family fendt family fendyk family fendyke family fene family feneborow family fenebrig' family fenech family fenegan family fenehampton family feneighty family fenel family feneley family fenell family fenelly family fenelon family fenely family fenemark family fenemer family fenemoer family fenemore family fener family feneram family feneran family fenerator family feneratrix family fenere family fenerother family feners family fenerty family fenery family fenes family fenessey family fenester family fenestre family feneton family feneux family fenewike family fenewy family fenewyk family fenex family feney family feneys family feneyx family fenford family fenforth family feng family fenge family fengel family fengelesham family fenger family fenglesham family fengreyne family fengs family fenham family fenhampton family fenhanton family fenhell family fenhill family fenhoulet family fenhoulhet family fenhouse family fenhouses family fenhow family fenhowe family fenhus family fenhuses family fenichel family fenick family fenigstein family fenikley family fenillan family fenimore family fenindrauthe family fening family feningelay family feningelea family feningle family fenion family feniott family fenis family fenise family feniter family fenix family fenk family fenkell family fenken family fenkes family fenkill family fenkle family fenkyll family fenkyn family fenlake family fenlan family fenland family fenlay family fenlayson family fenlea family fenlen family fenler family fenles family fenley family fenleyson family fenliloch family fenlinson family fenlis family fenlison family fenloe family fenlon family fenlond family fenlong family fenlosson family fenlough family fenlow family fenly family fenlyson family fenm' family fenmale family fenmer family fenmore family fenmote family fenmure family fenn family fenn' family fenna family fennacre family fennaghty family fennah family fennall family fennamore family fennan family fennar family fennay family fenn-clark family fenncott family fenne family fennea family fennedyke family fenneh family fennel family fennelay family fennell family fennellon family fennellow family fennelly family fennely family fennemore family fennemore-hulkes family fennen family fenner family fenneran family fennerley family fennerll family fenners family fenner-solomon family fennerty family fennery family fennes family fennesey family fennessey family fennessy family fennesy family fennet family fennett family fennewic family fennewyk family fennex family fenney family fennick family fennicke family fennicomb family fennicott family fennie family fennig family fennigan family fenniger family fennigu family fennihowse family fennil family fennill family fennimore family fennimour family fennin family fenning family fenninge family fenninges family fenningham family fennings family fennington family fennins family fennions family fennis family fennmore family fenno family fennom family fennon family fennor family fennore family fennors family fennour family fennow family fenns family fennsmith family fenn-smith family fennulet family fennus family fenny family fennycotes family fennymore family fennyng family fennys family fenochia family fenocke family fenockie family fenoley family fenollet family fenor family fenoteri family fenotery family fenoughlet family fenouhet family fenouilhet family fenouillet family fenouillett family fenouillette family fenoulbet family fenoulet family fenoulhet family fenouthet family fenovil family fenovillet family fenovillette family fenre family fenreve family fenrison family fenron family fenrother family fenrothere family fenrothir family fenrothre family fenruggia family fenrwick family fenry family fens family fensch family fensclyff family fensdall family fensden family fensen family fensh family fensham family fenshaw family fenshawe family fenshdane family fenshom family fenske-ford family fenslowe family fensmore family fensom family fensome family fenson family fenstermacher family fensterrer family fenston family fenstone family fensum family fent family fent' family fentam family fentay family fentem family fenteman family fentenkempys family fenter family fentern family fentes family fentewensant family fentham family fenthry family fenthum family fentile family fentiman family fentin family fentkowski family fentley family fentlnd family fentman family fentom family fentoman family fenton family fenton' family fentone family fentonferan family fenton-jones family fenton-livingstone family fentonm family fentonman family fentonnearclaypole family fenton-smith family fentoun family fentoune family fentrell family fentres family fentrigan family fentrill family fentum family fentun family fenty family fentyman family fentzall family fentzell family fentzky family fenurck family fenvier family fenwck family fenwek family fenwell family fenwic family fenwic' family fenwick family fenwick-bissett family fenwicke family fenwicke-clennell family fenwick-miller family fenwick-palmer family fenwicks family fenwicxk family fenwik family fenwike family fenwixk family fenwork family fenwyk family fenwyke family feny family fenyan family fenye family fenyhough family fenymer family fenymore family fenyngham family fenyngley family fenynlare family fenys family fenyx family fenzi family feoder family feodo family feodon family feoffer family feolds family feon family feone family feoram family feore family feowne family fepeyrs family fepnast family feppe family fer family fera family ferabosco family feraby family feraday family ferade family ferady family feragh family feragia family feragu family ferah family ferall family feram family feran family ferand family ferande family ferandes family ferandi family feranihough family ferant family ferantinis family ferantyn family ferar family ferar' family ferara family ferard family feraree family ferari family feraria family ferariis family ferario family ferarius family feraro family ferarriis family ferarris family ferars family ferary family ferast family ferator family feratt family feraud family feraul family feraunt family ferawnt family feray family ferbeard family ferber family ferberov family ferbes family ferbie family ferbor family ferbrache family ferbracke family ferbrand family ferbras family ferbrat family ferbraz family ferbridge family ferbstein family ferburgh' family ferburn family ferby family fercalahn family fercardi family ferce family ferceden' family ferch family ferchal family fercharde family ferchardi family fercharsoun family fercheson family ferchingfeld family ferchles family fercles family fercloghe family fercot family fercy family ferd family ferdall family ferdenand family ferdey family ferdinanads family ferdinand family ferdinando family ferdinands family ferding family ferdon family ferdour family ferdyere family fere family fereand family ferebee family ferebi family ferebie family fereborna family ferebrac family ferebrace family ferebras family ferebraz family ferebraze family ferebrigg family ferebrigge family fereby family fereday family feredy family fereford family feregaill family fereher family ferehingham family fereira family fereis family fereld family fereler family fereles family ferell family fereman family ferembaud family feren family ferenbach family ferenb'ga family ferenca family ference family ferendany family ferendon family ferendon' family ferendracht family ferendragh family ferendraght family ferendrath family ferendraught family ferendun' family ferene family ferenehough family ferenley family ferenlowe family ferens family ferent family ferent' family ferenter family ferentin family ferentinis family ferentino family ferento family ferenton family ferentyn family ferer family ferer' family ferera family ferere family fereres family fererestoon family fereria family ferers family ferery family feres family fereskeney family feresol family feret family ferevill family ferewe family ferewin family ferewyff family ferey family fereyer family fereyrs family ferez family ferfar family ferfax family ferfilfayn family ferfludde family ferfoxe family ferg family fergant family fergas family fergate family fergaunt family fergday family fergen family fergerson family fergeson family fergguson family ferghan family fergharson family fergide family fergie family fergie-woods family fergil family ferginson family fergison family fergisone family fergisson family fergnson family fergo family fergos family fergouson family fergrene family fergrieve family fergrife family fergson family fergsuon family fergudon family fergueon family fergueson family ferguison family ferguisson family fergurson family fergus family fergushill family fergusie family fergusii family ferguslie family fergusn family fergus'n family ferguso family ferguson family ferguson-brace family ferguson-davie family fergusone family ferguson-fawsitt family fergussn family ferguss'n family fergusson family fergusson-davie family fergussone family fergusson-pollok family fergussoun family fergyson family fergysson family ferhale family ferhill family ferhnson family feri family feria family ferial family feriam family ferian family feriancic family feriar family feriat family feribe family feribey family feribi family feribrigge family feriby family ferick family ferie family ferieby family ferier family ferieres family ferieriis family feriers family feriet family ferig family ferigam family ferigan family ferilby family ferill family ferilson family feriman family ferin family ferindone family ferine family fering family fering' family feringdon family feringe family feringebi family feringes family feringg' family feringh' family feringio family feringis family ferington family ferinhough family ferinie family ferinton' family feriol family feris family feritate family feriter family ferith family ferity family feriz family ferjancic family ferjie family ferkelsen family ferkham family ferkin family ferkins family ferkinson family ferknes family ferko family ferla family ferlain family ferlam family ferle family ferlee family ferleg family ferleg' family ferlegh family ferleghe family ferles family ferlesthorp family ferleston family ferleton family ferley family ferleye family ferleyn family ferlich family ferlie family ferlin family ferling family ferlinge family ferlingetun family ferlington family ferlington' family ferlingtona family ferlingtuna family ferlinton family ferlintun family ferlion family ferloaven family ferloe family ferlyng family ferlyngg family ferlyngton family ferm family fermage family fermain family fermallen family fermalon family ferman family fermanagh family fermand family fermanday family fermandell family fermar family fermarius family fermary family fermats family fermayes family fermbaud family fermbauth family fermby family ferme family fermedows family fermeger family fermein family fermell family fermen family ferment family fermer family fermeraunt family fermere family fermereye family fermerie family fermery family fermerye family fermes family fermesham family fermesley family fermewyne family fermeyn family fermhed family fermi family fermidge family fermie family fermier family fermignac family fermin family ferminde family ferminger family fermingham family ferminicu family fermis family fermlesworth family fermleye family fermon family fermont family fermor family fermore family fermor-hesketh family fermori family fermory family fermoult family fermour family fermourman family fermoy family ferms family fermstone family fermur family fermusevitch family fermy family fermyn family fermyne family fermysworth family fern family fernaby family fernagu family fernakris family fernal family fernald family fernaley family fernall family fernally family fernaly family fernam family fernan family fernanado family fernand family fernander family fernandes family fernandex family fernandez family fernandi family fernandis family fernando family fernandos family fernands family fernandz family fernanes family fernant family fernau family fernaugh family fernaux family fernays family fernbach family fernback family fernbank family fernbant family fernberg family fernberg' family fernby family fernce family ferncombe family ferncore family ferncumb family ferndale family ferndenn family ferndon family ferndone family ferne family ferneaugh family ferneaux family ferneby family fernedd' family fernedill family fernedon family fernee family fernefelde family fernefold family fernehalgh family ferneham family fernehaugh family fernehead family fernehill family fernehough family fernehyough family ferneil family fernel family fernelay family fernele family fernelee family ferneley family ferneleye family fernell family fernellee family fernellis family fernely family fernenhere family ferneough family ferner family fernes family fernesby family ferneseede family fernesham family ferneshaw family fernesley family ferneslie family fernesly family fernessey family fernesyde family fernet family ferneth family fernett family ferneus family fernews family fernex family ferney family ferneye family ferneyhough family ferneys family fernhalgh family fernhall family fernham family fernhaugh family fernhead family fernhil family fernhill family 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